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  1. Awsurveys.com is Scam :hatespam: U may not beleive that Awsurveys.com is scam. It is True and I am 1 of the victim of this scam site.I used to be active member of awsurveys.com and I was active meber of this site for more than 8 months. I took me more than 7 months to get that 75$ minimum Payout but at last i reached that amount of 75$ it was really tough to get that amount, to get referrals i joined different forums, site & Chat Room I reguested user to join etc. After all that i reached 75$ and hoped to get money and redeem my money via alertpay. Awsurveys.com said that it will take maximum of 5 days to get that money I waited for more than 5 days but i didnot get that money. My Awsurveys.com balance decreased for some days and again it got up 66$ (there was no new signups or surveys). I also send them message telling that i didnot got my payment but they didnot responded. In this way I was SCAMMED!!!. How I got to this scam site Awsurveys.com? I was searching in internet via GOOGLE for free rapidshare Account it took my to one of the blog. Author of that blog had recommended Awsurveys.com as there was 27$ signup bonus, 1$ for survey of 2 site 75$ minimum payout (he has also shown payment proof, don't know how he got). As i read it seemed to be easy and I immediately signed up for that scam site Awsurveys.com. After signing up completed all survey and earned 27$ and thought if i get a survey of 1$ daily then i will get 75$ easily after some months but i was completely wrong!! there was 1$ survey a month!!!I will take a years to get that minimum amount!!! So i began to refer people and hardly earned 75$ and awsurvey is not paying me cuz this site "Awsurveys.com" is scam site. It used us to earn money for themself. I request all users to stop using this site.. THIS SITE IS SCAM!!!!!!!!!!! DON'T WASTE UR TIME.... i have got minimum 2 times!!! and both time they did same. It may use to pay in past to get member but now it doesnot pay :spam: :spam: :spam: stay away from this site if u r member of this site stop using it.. it won't pay!!
  2. i guess mine is the speed of classic age of internet.. bt any way faster than dailup
  3. which OS r u talking about?? Vista doesn't have much resources in shell32.dl it is in imgres.dll (spelling may be wrong) XP's resource is in shell32.dll
  4. Yes u can post it here as well as dA just give proper credit. bye after some weeks i will be working on this later again.
  5. nice collection!! just 1 suggestion: U may know i have build Ultimate Green Theme for XP u can add this theme in ur collection.. This theme is also published in Brothersoft.com & some other website
  6. there r still lots of talent who are not public.
  7. A court in Sweden has jailed four men behind The Pirate Bay (TPB), the world's most high-profile file-sharing website, being found guilty of breaking copyright laws. Whats your view on this? They were also ordered to pay $4.5m (
  8. Other also told me to remove that searchbar. What about Windows frame it look nice in this silver aero frame or will look nice in green frames?
  9. Here is my new Green Theme Ultimate green ( New version of Vista Green ). When I first released Vista Green I got good reviews from visitors who where tired of "Black" Vista theme for XP. They found new taste in Vista Green Theme. Some of them reviewed that there was too much green in this theme because of this in this Version I have used Aero Glass frame instead of green frame. This is One of the most Popular theme made by me & has also been featured in brothersoft.com & other websites. Changes in comparision to Vista Green theme. =>UI updated to like of Windows 7. =>Perfect Green orb with Windows 7 enhancement. =>New shellstyle =>Windows Aero Frame instead of green frame. =>Start Menu show icons ( Like in XP ). =>Startmenu Reupdated to seven like UI. =>Minimize/Maximize/close button Updated. =>Radio/checkbox/combobox updated. any many other minor Changes in UI. Download.. brothersoft.com mirror Download
  10. If somebody have downloed it then plz re-upload and provide mirrors.. (skydrive/4shared/rapidshare any)
  11. try clearing up cookies & download or signup there is free ... there is download button there which u can use to download this will take you to this link & download will start. http://www.esnips.com/nsdoc/234bcf79-0c6b-...?action=forceDL
  12. I recently have made Windows 7 Transformation Pack called "Windows 7 Replacement Beta2". So if u want a Windows7 Transformation Pack with system transformation then u should give a try to Windows 7 reaplcement Beta 2. it transforms XP to 7 UI with new softwares and system file modifications .. I have tested it and it is 100% safe. It runs on XP version (sp1,2,3 & Media center) if u want to try it you can download from below Download Link http://www.esnips.com/doc/234bcf79-0c6b-44...placement_beta2 Screenshots http://vasdown.page.tl/W7R-Screenshots.htm Source Page http://vasdown.page.tl/Windows-7-Replacement.htm
  13. I have edited this old post . I need suggestions on which software to use for creating GUI interference for my transformation pack windows 7 replacement. I am thinking of using software/install maker used by windowsX but donot know which one he is using. I tried Nsis but it is totally text base so i was not able to use it. so plz some one tell me which software to make a good installer.. If not Suggest me a autorun maker where user can choose which exe file to run
  14. I am using Defult 3.5 theme and it is Cool... (both of XP & Vista Defult theme is great)
  15. Genuine PC is determined by product key so use genuine product key to get genuine XP...by the way it time for 7..
  16. i searched for offline installer of .net 3.5 every where and it was in microsoft................ thankS
  17. O & O is best i think.. :thumbsup_anim: it defrag faster than other....but it is share ware
  18. I was shocked to see that my signature link is modified and it is taken as warez site...why???? my site is not warz :ranting: it doesn't even contain warz or it link...every thing in my site is freeware or shareware in its original form and some r made by me...even all images used r not copirited...back ground image is also designed by me. I want u mods to show which contain of my site contain warz... Here is the site of mine...show me warz contained on it. Vastdown.co.nr I hope mods doesn't take this as advertisement or something ~pri2sh~
  19. I think Ubuntu & Kbuntu r best... it has more vista ness i thinK
  20. Does any body knows how to play vista games on XP. i have downloaded alky for app v1.1 and brought Vista game for xp..but when i try to run them i get message of some file missing,,,
  21. Win 7 's Super bar is copy of Linux KDE v4 :manual: if u don't beleive google for KDE v4 screenshots. but it looks great..this is Beta 7000 version of win7... i wonder what is that fish doing there or what this screenshot says
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