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WinCDEmu 3.6 - the easiest way to mount an ISO

Description: A free lightweight alternative to Daemon-Tools.

Official website: http://wincdemu.sysprogs.org/

Arch type: x86 / x64

Silent switches: not needed.

Note #1: Auto-installs SysProgs certificate as TrustedPublisher so it installs it's drivers without prompting and then finally installs WinCDEmu.

Note #2: Installer made with 7z Sfx Builder. If you want to learn how I made it, just open this installer with 7z Sfx Builder to understand the installer sourcecode.

MD5 Hash: 41E52A9324CDF9CE04716127D347AB06

Size: 980 KB (1.003.746 bytes)

Download here:


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Hi Kormann,

Many thanks for this helpful solution!

Just a question, how can I to add an additional language to be installed together with WinCDEmu? Not all languages comes with the default installer and I would to add my language and erase the rest if is possible to do this task. I tried modifying your package through the 7z Sfx Builder tool that you mention but I don't know why I can't insert the file .among cert & setup file (nor what option I need to select; RunProgram, AutoInstall/x, ExecuteFile)...



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