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Sort Update Column Titles

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This should be a "relatively" simple request.  When downloading updates from the "Update Catalog", would it be possible to sort by the column titles?  At a minimum, the name (possibly the KB number even), and the date.  If using the date, it would be easier to determine what has been updated most recently, and therefore not have to download the whole update list again.


Thank you for this consideration.

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I did already the same request one month ago... :thumbsup:


Regards, Thiersee

I suppose that shows you how much I pay attention. :doh:


I'm not doing requests yet. I used to have sorting but it caused problems when it came to numbers. Size and dates never sorted properly.

I hope you can get it "sorted" out.  It would be a nice feature (and make it easier to find updates).

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    • By Tuesday77

      I have uploaded the offline version of the repository by abbodi1406.
      Downloaded with WHDownloader v0.0.1.9, identical pack from 30# July 2015.

      They are prepared, means converted to .cab for faster integrate.

      Microsoft Windows 8.1 x64

      Microsoft Windows 8.1 x86

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      Hello everyone,
      maybe someone has been through that and has knowledge to share
      is there a .cab file for mseinstall.exe (microsoft security essentials)  so that I could add it to an offline  image using dism ?
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      By "add" I mean add it to an offline image with dism, the same way I add e.g. IE11 or prerequsities for IE11. (the way I create my images is I first do things I can do using command line and for the rest I go for wintoolkit)
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      Dear members,
      we have successfully upgraded our board software to the latest version.
      Please report any bugs that you may experience.
      Here are the release notes:
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      Hey how is everyone? Hope you're all OK and enjoying Win Toolkit.
      v27 has been released with many bug fixes, but as you have probably noticed i have not been doing many requests, this is because i've been focusing on bug fixes. I want to have a bug free program before i start on requests so please keep reporting your bugs and at the same time i will check error logs. It's crucially important to have a stable program before i continue with requests.
      If this makes you feel any better, i will be using Win Toolkit as my 'Final year project' for University so i have a good 3 years left on this tool, so please don't think I've stopped programming. I did plan on making v1.4.0 focus on removing components but that may have to be for 1.5.0 instead, i just wasn't expecting this many bugs.
      Please don't let that stop you from making requests.
      Anyway in this thread you can chat about anything, such as your favorite TV program, any projects your working on and feel free to ask me ANY question you want. Just don't post bugs and requests in here!
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