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I'm Retiring


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Guys the past 2 months have been super hard on me and things aren't looking much better.


Most of the time I have been in a very deep depression and have had 3 emergency meetings for suicidal thoughts.


My financial situation is very dire. (My car ran out of gas on Monday and is in a parking lot 4 miles away for the foreseeable future)


I really can't handle the emails and demands that people put on my for the addons I have maintained and wpi.


Some of you may know but my wife who passed away nearly 3 years ago her birthday was nov 11th, my youngest sons 19th birthday was nov 29th and my 40th was dec 8th.


Dec 7th would have been my wedding anniversary and apparently time does not heal all wounds. Mine just continue to get worse.


My personal life is now fully bleeding into the forums and there have been complaints. I have no patience for the rude people that I have been trying to deal with and it has been publicly showing. In a effort not to cause Wincert to loose any more members I need to step down from staff.


I also need to tie up as many loose ends as I can as a preventative measure.


I will try to visit on occasion but I am very disillusioned that people who come here and mistreat staff and others then complain when they are called on it. 


Please visit me at msfn or ryans and I will still check my pm's here but I think I cannot stay and watch the abuse that others are given without saying anything (Most of the time when I get rude or arrogant it is due to people placing demands on other faithful members like ric or lego.)


Side note to nim:


I really enjoyed being part of your forum but I cannot idly sit by and watch others get abused by people who whine when they are called on it. Please remove me from the staff.

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I'm really sad for you Kels, I don't really know you so I don't know what to say.


I've lost my mother at 18, it was very hard (and it is still) but I have learned a lot from this.


Sadness and pain have a positive side: they force us to seek for truth and meaning.


I hope my english is good enough for this message.


May God be with you.

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Thank you for your service Kel, and your support - at Wincert, re all of your addons, re WPI, and personally.  Even if you are not actively participating, I'll still consider you to be part of the team.  I can't speak for Nik, but I see no reason to officially remove you from the staff.  I wish you all the best, my friend.


Cheers and Regards

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I am sorry to hear that Kels. Since I have received couple of complaints now and before about your aggressive attitude on the forums I had to send you a message to ease up a bit. I didn't ask you to quit the moderators team or leave the forum.


We all know that we have polite, unpolite, grateful and ungrateful members here, but you don't have to bash them instantly. You could politely tell them what you think without unnecessary warnings like other mods do. 


You could also discuss this with the staff in our forum lounge, not just ran away :(

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I like you Kel just the way you are ( rude and arrogant ).


You did so much for this (and not only this ) community and people that don't appreciate that, can go elsewere to fiind what they are looking for.


I'm affraid they won't fiind anything better than your developed work and that's the reason why they are staying here and demand everything that's on their mind.


Just look over them, do your work just the way you like it, in your own way. If you get something that's work nice for you and want to share with people we'll try it and than add feedback and new ideas maybe to improve it.


Don't mind the bad people, they are everywhere, the rest of the community will support you and take care of the bad guys to defend you and your precious work and also your kind willing to just share with others what is good for you.


They aren't many people like you to share his work with people virtualy unknown. I appreciate that and I'm sure that are many folks think the same.


A new year is comming, think about your youngest son, he is still young and need guidance, don't let him down.


I'm looking forward for your future nice work to appreciate it.


Keep up!





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I usually try not to say too much as I do not think some people are worth the time and effort to answer the dumb questions and demands that are made.  However in your case Kelsenellenelvian, I can say that I also like your attitude.  Some people think it might be harsh, however I like to think that you are telling people how it is. That is welcome and refreshing.  Yeah, you do not always have to be so hard on people, but people will never learn if you do not tell it to them "how it is".


I wish you the best on your 'retirement.'  I hope that you can find peace and understanding in your personal life.  Hopefully you will not be too much of a stranger to these forums.

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WOW! did not know your situation was this dire, I personally will never forget all you have done for myself (and others as well.) It was you who got me started back in 06, teaching me to understand INF files...THANK YOU!!! for everything my good friend.

I feel the same way sometimes, I think to hell with this, I dont need the agravation...But I keep going because I cant let down those handful of users (you guys know who you are) who if not for them I would not be on the internet talking to you right now

You work hard, with little to no return, (on top of that there is the **** sandwich called life) so being a little grumpy is understandable

I hope to see you around the usual places, take it easy TT, dont let this world affect the real one



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i don't say much but thanks for all the fish kel!


things will get better, I've been in a tough spot for the past year myself it sucks but i've found that group councils help more than one might think. its sad that your support system (your wife) passed, I remember reading that thread.


anywho, may you find what you need to carry on!



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Kelsenellenlvian, i know the name having looked in many places for pc related info but i dont know the man, but i know the pain of loss. sometimes there is nothing you can say to someone who is hurting that will make any sodding difference, but i never take the same approach as others, so here goes,

i have attached a picture, that no matter how bad i feel, it never fails to make me laugh, hope it does for you

and heres 2 quotes/greetings/parting sayings,

quote 1 - Dave Allen(irish comedian) - Good Night, And May Your God Go With You

quote 2 - George Carlin - May The Forces Of Evil Become Confused On The Way To Your House


Emma xx

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