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Discussion: Automatic Update Moving


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Hello, clearly there is an issue of what happens when a known update is moved to the silent installers. I'm planning on designing a screen which appears when know updates are detected and you will untick the ones you wish to keep in the Updates lists.


Does anyone have any ideas, suggestions, etc... :)


Quick design:


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Seems a good idea.

You should put a dialog like this:

WinToolkit have detected that the following update(s) can't be integrated, it/they will be moved to the silent installers (will be executed silently at first logon), if you know for sure it's a false positive and it/they can be integrated, you can uncheck it/them.

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All done. Any more suggestions? These updates go into their own group which gets integrated last.


EDIT: It now remembers what you last unticked so each time it appears, the ones you've unticked previously will already be unticked.


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Known Updates Detected --->> Known Potential Problem Updates Detected


Add to text:


... do not usually integrate or still appear in Windows Update however sometimes ...


... do not usually integrate or still appear in Windows Update even after being integrated, however sometimes ...


Just my two cents. :)


Cheers and Regards

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I never really understood why some updates appeared in my silent installer list to begin with so please excuse my nubie status on this subject. I just went with the flow and my installations were always okay.


however after my installs there were always the netframework 4.52 updates. I don't have the list handy but there are about 6 of them after you would have windows check for updates after a new install with WTK. so I wrote them down and downloaded them from Microsoft download. I believe they are EXE files. I added them to the silent installs with I believe /q, /norestart option. now all this works for me. they get integrated perfectly and I'm  down to only 2 updates left after a new install. the monthly Microsoft virus tool and another one which I cant remember now, sorry for my vagueness (no coffee yet) but it was another kinda optional type.


so how will this new edition you created affect those silent installers? regards


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