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[AddOn] JkDefrag GUI v1.03 + CPL shortcut


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JkDefrag GUI

Description: JkDefrag GUI is a graphical user interface program for the open source hard drive defragmentation program JkDefrag. It enables users to easily use JkDefrag
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JkDefragGUI 1.01 31 january 2008


- Added Automatic update of the scheduled job with newest jkdefrag when downloaded

- Added Automatic update of the installed version with newest jkdefrag when downloaded

- Added Croatian translation

- Added Indonesian translation

- Added option to add a delay when doing a schedule at logon

- Added option to show logfile after defragmentation (GUI only)

- Added empty Prefetch folder to Internal Cleaner

- Added pagedefrag to the U3 version of JkDefragGUI

- Added JkDefrag history to menu

- Fixed helpfile not displayed on network drive

- Fixed bug JkDefrag version not updated when updated through automatic update at startup

- Fixed bug JkDefrag downloaded everytime when run from BartPe enviroment

- Fixed bug "Show System" selected on startup when disabled

- Fixed bug spacehogs disabled when selected and enabled when not selected

- Fixed bug calendar not displayed correctly on Vista OS

- Improved U3 version no need re-download JkDefrag on every usage

- Removed screensaver copied to system32 during update when not installed

- Removed some external links in help menu from BartPE Mode

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so i have to dl jkdefrag separate or does it come with this?
anyway for this to replace the windows defrag? So when i click defrag in disk properties, it will load this app?

This app is standalone utility and it has all entries and files included to operate normal so you dont' have to download any file.

And it does not replace standard derag application. :)

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JkDefragGUI 1.02 May 8th 2008


- Added automatic detection of indonesian language at first start of JkDefragGUI

- Added disk washing, replace erased information with garbage

- Added color help to tray menu

- Fixed bug CCleaner only executed when internal cleaner is selected before CCleaner

- Fixed bug LogFileAfterDefrag setting not set in the GUI after restart

- Fixed colors green switched in JkDefrag color help

- Fixed bug Serbian language not selected in language menu

- Fixed keylogger detection by some firewall applications

- Made GUI Smaller when in BartPe Mode

- Reduced and improved code

- Removed external help files from GUI to reduce size of GUI executable

- Replaced external program wait.exe with selfmade one

- Some typo corrections in multiple language files

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New version released !!

JKDefrag GUI 1.03


- Added JkDefrag.exe and other files to the archive, request of Jeroen Kessels

- Added a question to download JkDefrag when it isn't found in the program folder otherwise quit

- Added check to see if CCleaner is installed on local computer and update JkDefragGUI with this version

- Added Ukrainian translation

- Added Turkish translation

- Added /s to commandline this will autoselect "Shutdown after defrag" in the GUI

- Added /r to commandline this will automaticly run JkDefrag with saved options

- Added /rs to commandline this will automaticly run JkDefrag with saved options and shutdown afterwards

- Changed location of logfile when saved in the same folder as the GUI for U3 Devices to U3 Documents

- Created a new icon for JkDefragGUI

- Embedded background image into the executable

- Fixed bug Installer not working 100% when JkDefragGUI.exe is renamed

- Improved internal cleaner reading settings from all existing profiles

- Improved support CCleaner, internal cleaner can control CCleaner settings

- Improved deleting folders IECache and History current user, will not leave empty folders anymore

- JkDefragGUI not packed with UPX anymore to reduce the amount of false positives by virusscanning software

- Logfiles are saved with date and time in name and can be read from within the GUI

- Logfiles can be deleted from within the GUI

- Updated Uninstaller, a registry value was left behind


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