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[Release] V'ISO b8.2.2 (Last)

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Hi very great work! Very nice. But not for my German XP SP3

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Build 8.2 4-06-08

- Now extracts and patches in from WMP11, MEDIACTR and SP2/3 cabinets (fixes bootscreen issue)

- Simplified CMD window text

Damn!, this is great!, now I don't have to copy ntoskrl.exe from OEM folders anymore.

Thank you for the update.

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One question, why 7z resources are included?
Well I was going to add the ability to patch my 7zip and other addons but at last minute I changed my mind, it takes long enough already to patch since I added the ability to patch Media Center and the SP cabs

Amnesia do you have any info on anything I am missing?

Now that I can unpack and repack the cabinets I could use some of your suggestions

BTW don't really like the look of the sndvol32 that much :P

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Hey amnesia,

Now that I need to add all the custom files back to the new V'ISO I just want to make sure these are correct.

I have




sndvol32.exe.res ( Sabotendar_kun )






not sure why xpsp2res.dll.res is in there did you post one different from ricks V'ISO ?



Oh yes xpsp2res.dll.res was one you posted.

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looks cool, but does it change the icon in the tray?


Yeah - I found what I was looking for - to change the trayicon for sound you need to change stobject.dll - the res is in the package.

You may ask why I don't just install the iso - well I have a german xp, and this is all in englisch and on a running system (:-)

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hi rick..

did you resized copy move dialog box?

1020 DIALOGEX 20, 20, 264, 101

look at this picture, there's white line on the corner, i had tried more than 5x with copy or move, and got the same result.


when i changed that code to 1020 DIALOGEX 20, 20, 263, 102 (from V'ISO 7.3 shell)

the dialog box looks normal :)


i'm using Vista Inspirate 2 theme

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