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Win jv16 PowerTools 2009 Full License


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Dear members and guests of WinCert.net.

We have recently published a review on WinCert.net Frontpage for jv16 PowerTools 2009 software, which can be found HERE.

We're giving 10 Full licenses for every member who makes a reply in this topic and writes his/her Name or nickname, Age and Location. That's it, you're automatically in to win one of 10 Full Licenses of this cool software. We will be accepting your replies until Sunday, 01 March 2009., when we'll do a random draw to get our lucky winners.


Every person who has run a Windows based machine will know what it's like to have a slowed down computer after a while. Well, luckily jv16 PowerTools can correct these problems.

jv16 houses many tools in a small, yet powerful software suite. With tools to help clean up the registry, old software installs, junk files, and scattered files, jv16 helps you get the job done quickly and easily.

With tools to manage your registry, cleaning up after a troublesome program has never been easier. Simply uninstall the program with jv16, and clean out the registry.

Any information tied to that program will be erased and your system should run just the same as it did before the installation. You can also restructure your registry to be smaller and more efficient with the included Registry Compactor.

Free up some disk space with the File Cleaner, remove unnecessary junk files from your disc and store more MP3 music files in place of them. Organize your files into folders containing similar files for quick browsing. Encrypt sensitive information and keep those prying eyes away from your personal information. And if that all isn't enough, even find duplicate files on your drive and recovery some more drive space.


Like those features aren't enough, this set of tools include advanced software uninstaller, startup manager and even Service Manager which can guide you to disable services that you don't need for your home computing and thus speed up your PC.

There's even System Optimizer tool which includes cool features like Performance tweaker which can greatly improve your overall PC performance.

If you would like to download a free trial of this useful application, please visit MACECRAFT Web Pages.

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Geez, so much for the anonymity of the internet. :)

Name: Methuselah

Age: 940 yrs old

Location: Planet Earth!


Like you'll reveal something with your name, age and location :) You don't have to put your full name anyway :)). Whoever wins the software will be contacted for additional info because license is attached to his/her name.

TBH, Name, Age and Location was purely my idea. This is something like an introduction topic :)

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thx really lets see what my fate hides to me (didn't win any thing in my life.doesn't matter if it was another lose)

so lets give it a try

Name: Ahmed ghorab

Age:18 <<<if it`s two small make it 21 :D

Location : Egypt

and good luck for every one

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I am grateful for the opportunity to win this great tool !!!!

I Love Jv Power Tools & am still running the last freeware one given in 2006!! It never disappoints & is a utility everyone should have on their computer! I would be lost without it !!

ooo ooo ooo,I can just imagined how great this 2009 edition works & Oh how I would love to have it!

I'll keep my fingers crossed!

THANKS for the Chance! :giveheart:

Name: Cj


Location:Long Island, NY

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:wub_anim: Awesome app! I used the older version to remove AOL (America Online) which came preinstalled on my Toshiba Satellite Notebook, and it worked perfect! Would love to get the latest version legally for free too. Thanx alot :thumbsup_anim:

Name : Amirz

Location: Jakarta, Indonesia

Age : 26

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P.S. You mean till Sunday March 01, 2009 right?

Yeah, we use different time formats here in Croatia, thx for the notice.

I hope you dont mind N1K I translated it for the Spanish section to notify those who cannot read English so they can get a chance at this very cool freebie.

No problem Rick. I'd like that someone posts this in the Turkish and Italian Forums too, but MrnXDmx isn't online lately.

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