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i created a WA-Addon, which only consists of the "tasks.txt" and a "tweaks.reg". In "tweaks.reg"

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

;delete old Server

;new Server



i tried to delete the old server ("minus" in reg), but it doesn't delete it.


If i manually start this reg, then the old server were deleted.

Is it not possible to delete reg-entries within addon, or isn't it implemented yet?

why don't you make a runonce addon then

making the regfiles works before the windows start to delete it

as i don't know how the W7T works yet

but if it collect all the registry in one place then it would be cool to modify in it

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Nice, will check them out. :)


SkyDrive makes weird names, and corrupts my archives?

Also not .WA extension.

well they are 3 files use winrar to uncompress them into the .wa file


k i downloaded them and none of them is working

all corrupted

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Right click ONE only ONE of them and choose extract here...

I have re-downloaded files several times now, they get corrupted all the time. I tried winrar and 7zip.

Skydrive makes weird file names, and removes extension:




Tried adding 7z extension, then they get corrupt again.

.. :g:

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When I try to integrate the following updates with Win 7 Toolkit, it doesnt load the updates?


Official updates only, no leaked stuff

(btw can you add support for .exe also?)

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Thanks but could you upload somewhere else also? To download the packs I have to wait a sick long time (i dont have RS account).

160 minutes later:

Currently a lot of users are downloading files. Please try again in 2 minutes or become a Premium member

Please note, the server is not going to check again within the next 2 minutes if downloading is possible again. To provide a fair platform, all user get the same options. Your last attempt was 11 seconds ago.

Edited by Raoul
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Nothing against you.....

But in all honesty.... This is the price you pay....

We had a dedicated server for OUR use.....

Everybody loved having direct links to the downloads......

But VERY FEW people ever donated to help pay the costs for it.....

And now its GONE.....

I wish we still had the server, but we cannot expect for N1K to

keep paying for something out of his own pocket when very few

people are willing to help.... Especially when the only reason

it was there is for the members of THIS board.....

Again Raoul.... This is not directed at you.....

All of the guys and gals that create and share addons, and manage this

board, do it because they WANT to.... Not because they HAVE to.....

I can't speak for everyone.... But uploading them to 1 place is

time consuming enough.... Let alone uploading them to multiple places....

I'm just gratefull that N1K still keeps the board up.....

Because after everything that he has done for US, and the VERY small

support that he has got from everyone here, In all honesty, I don't

think I would....

Edited by *Reaper*
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I aggree with you there, but I have had my pc on for over 18 hours now, and still not downloading, in total its 4mb..

And there are a lot of free uploading programs. I use DropBox myself, which works perfectly, I could mirror your addons (when they are not too big), but not if I have to wait ages with RS.

Autoruns 9.56


Core Temp (x64)


Core Temp (x86)


CPU-Z 1.52.2 (x64)


CPU-Z 1.52.2 (x86)


GPU-Z 0.3.6


HDTune 2.55


Win IP Configuration Manager




Startup Control Panel 2.8


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