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Please could you remove the caps to lower case, Please.

I was going to make one but when Dark Madness made his awesome tool I didn't :)

But like he said give some time.. not like you need it asap, your not gonna die....

well if you want to make it's ok

i'm just saying that the new version of my tool would support W7T

but it would need from me a couple of day to see and fix all the problems

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hi, I am using win xp x64. I know this OS is not supported by this toolkit, I just want to confirm that :)

I installed win7toolkit, added manually the wimfltr.7z files, then opened my .wim file, integrated all the utilities addons (cpuz, gpuz, hw monitor, etc), then I obtained a bsod.

never mind, gonna install windows 7 plain then I'll make my adjustments from there :)

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ok Lego i started testing W7T

i found a small bug << it's a small one

when i made the iso i mistaken choosen a low space hard

when i clicked on Create Image

it opened then closed but the message that it was successfully done

but it was only a 0 kb file so you better check if it's a 0 kb file then

the size isn't enough and no space

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well this is some picture of a virtual machine

after working for two days to enable 7-Zip sfx file in Runonce



and also it's now can be Uninstalled Through Original uninstaller

but now it's still beta of beta (there is a lot of bugs that yet to be fixed )

32 bit is almost done and gonna install a 64 bit and fix it's bug

i can't say when i will finish it but i hope it's soon

Edit:32bit seems to be finished almost no bugs i found

Tomorrow i gonna work on the Gui then 64 bit edition

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