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[Tool] DX's Universal UpdatePack/Addon Creator

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DXUPAC Update (2016) Update (2016) Update (2016) Update (2016) Update (2016)   Video tutorial: how to create your localized Onepiece's UpdatePac

Did you use the latest tool (dated August 15th) for that??? With the previous build before this it didn't work as I explained in my post. I'll build the addon with this latest tool and get back to you

Hi zzzzzz, perhaps better to look here http://www.ryanvm.net/forum/viewforum.php?f=9 about Pack\AddOn x64 Ciao.

Hi sedusg, try to use the Chinese (Simplified), I do not think that changes a lot, not in this case but in general the files are ENU (the Core is always ENU ehhhh), in general only file*.mui change, and in this case I do not think that will change much, I think you can use without problems Chinese (Simplified)


for more info regarding to ignore the hotfix wait Nonno Fabio


However you can try ask "Chinese (Traditional)" here







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I tried enu.

But end up with a onepiece pack of 130.3MB.That failed to install on vm at the first screen.


I uploaded all the kb files on skydrive.Some from onepiece's skydrive's jpn files(those without jpn name)


That is created by 7z.

970326 is from ENU.

Can you help me deal with that?


PS:I dont think CHS can be used on CHT.

Edited by sedusg
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OnePiece Windows XP Post-SP3 UpdatePack v6.6.0 CHT
tabdownload.png Update (April 04 2013)
Hash MD5 DABBDE5650DC18E9CDC09B46F5BD0888
Filesize: 222 MB (233033590 byte)


As you see, only .net 3.5/4 language packs are missing. See here if you want to add them too. You need only to plce in directory dotnetfx35langpack_x86sv.exe http://www.microsoft.com/sv-se/download/details.aspx?id=21891 and dotNetFx40LP_Full_x86sv.exe http://www.microsoft.com/sv-se/download/details.aspx?id=1333 files and integrate them in svcpack mode.

here only add this addon http://sdrv.ms/XQUf8X







Filename list:



C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My Documents\QFECHECK>qfecheck.exe

Windows XP Hotfix Validation Report for \\ONEPIECE-PC
Report Date: 3/30/2013 2:47pm

Current Service Pack Level: Service Pack 3

Hotfixes Identified:
KB909520: Current on system.
ie8: Current on system.
Q282784: Current on system.
KB2564958: Current on system.
KB961742-v3: Current on system.
KB969084: Current on system.
KB970401: Current on system.
KB974266: Current on system.
KB898461: Current on system.
KB940157: Current on system.
KB952011: Current on system.
KB952013: Current on system.
KB961184: Current on system.
KB963093: Current on system.
KB2115168: Current on system.
KB2124261: Current on system.
KB2229593: Current on system.
KB2264107: Current on system.
KB2270406: Current on system.
KB2290570: Current on system.
KB2296011: Current on system.
KB2345886: Current on system.
KB2347290: Current on system.
KB2360937: Current on system.
KB2387149: Current on system.
KB2393802: Current on system.
KB2419632: Current on system.
KB2423089: Current on system.
KB2440591: Current on system.
KB2443105: Current on system.
KB2454533-v2: Current on system.
KB2478960: Current on system.
KB2478971: Current on system.
KB2479943: Current on system.
KB2483185: Current on system.
KB2483614: Current on system.
KB2485663: Current on system.
KB2491683: Current on system.
KB2492386: Current on system.
KB2498072: Current on system.
KB2508429: Current on system.
KB2509553: Current on system.
KB2535512: Current on system.
KB2536276-v2: Current on system.
KB2544893-v2: Current on system.
KB2566454: Current on system.
KB2570947: Current on system.
KB2584146: Current on system.
KB2584577: Current on system.
KB2585542: Current on system.
KB2592799: Current on system.
KB2598479: Current on system.
KB2603381: Current on system.
KB2619339: Current on system.
KB2620712: Current on system.
KB2624667: Current on system.
KB2629462: Current on system.
KB2631813: Current on system.
KB2646524: Current on system.
KB2653956: Current on system.
KB2655992: Current on system.
KB2659262: Current on system.
KB2661254-v2: Current on system.
KB2661637: Current on system.
KB2686509: Current on system.
KB2691442: Current on system.
KB2698365: Current on system.
KB2705219-v2: Current on system.
KB2712808: Current on system.
KB2719985: Current on system.
KB2723135-v2: Current on system.
KB2727528: Current on system.
KB2736233: Current on system.
KB2749655: Current on system.
KB2753842-v2: Current on system.
KB2757638: Current on system.
KB2758857: Current on system.
KB2770660: Current on system.
KB2778344: Current on system.
KB2780091: Current on system.
KB2799494: Current on system.
KB2802968: Current on system.
KB2807986: Current on system.
KB2821346: Current on system.
KB817688: Current on system.
KB897571: Current on system.
KB915800-v4: Current on system.
KB916157-v6: Current on system.
KB922120-v6: Current on system.
KB927436-v2: Current on system.
KB932716-v2: Current on system.
KB934401: Current on system.
KB940159-v2: Current on system.
KB942288-v3: Current on system.
KB943232-v2: Current on system.
KB944043-v3: Current on system.
KB945060-v3: Current on system.
KB945184: Current on system.
KB945436: Current on system.
KB946648: Current on system.
KB947460-v3: Current on system.
KB948101-v3: Current on system.
KB948277: Current on system.
KB948698: Current on system.
KB948720: Current on system.
KB948877-v2: Current on system.
KB949127-v2: Current on system.
KB949900: Current on system.
KB950305-v2: Current on system.
KB950616: Current on system.
KB950820: Current on system.
KB950974: Current on system.
KB950982: Current on system.
KB951159: Current on system.
KB951163: Current on system.
KB951347: Current on system.
KB951376-v2: Current on system.
KB951531-v2: Current on system.
KB951618-v2: Current on system.
KB951624: Current on system.
KB951709: Current on system.
KB951822-v2: Current on system.
KB951978: Current on system.
KB952004: Current on system.
KB952011: Current on system.
KB952117-v2: Current on system.
KB952595-v3: Current on system.
KB952954: Current on system.
KB953024: Current on system.
KB953028: Current on system.
KB953155: Current on system.
KB953761: Current on system.
KB953930: Current on system.
KB954193: Current on system.
KB954232: Current on system.
KB954434: Current on system.
KB954708: Current on system.
KB954920-v2: Current on system.
KB955109: Current on system.
KB955356: Current on system.
KB955417: Current on system.
KB955567: Current on system.
KB955576: Current on system.
KB955704: Current on system.
KB955830-v2: Current on system.
KB955988: Current on system.
KB956048: Current on system.
KB956572: Current on system.
KB956844: Current on system.
KB957218: Current on system.
KB957495: Current on system.
KB957502: Current on system.
KB957931: Current on system.
KB958071: Current on system.
KB958149: Current on system.
KB958244: Current on system.
KB958817: Current on system.
KB958910: Current on system.
KB959160: Current on system.
KB959267: Current on system.
KB959334: Current on system.
KB959465: Current on system.
KB959554: Current on system.
KB959682: Current on system.
KB959765: Current on system.
KB959873: Current on system.
KB960071-v2: Current on system.
KB960519: Current on system.
KB960655: Current on system.
KB960680-v2: Current on system.
KB960859: Current on system.
KB960921: Current on system.
KB960970: Current on system.
KB961067: Current on system.
KB961118: Current on system.
KB961187-v2: Current on system.
KB961451-v2: Current on system.
KB961503: Current on system.
KB961605: Current on system.
KB961853-v2: Current on system.
KB963038: Current on system.
KB965220: Current on system.
KB967048-v2: Current on system.
KB967705-v2: Current on system.
KB968389: Current on system.
KB968764: Current on system.
KB969059: Current on system.
KB969238: Current on system.
KB969262: Current on system.
KB969395: Current on system.
KB969557: Current on system.
KB969632: Current on system.
KB970048: Current on system.
KB970063: Current on system.
KB970254: Current on system.
KB970413: Current on system.
KB970430: Current on system.
KB970483: Current on system.
KB970553: Current on system.
KB970685: Current on system.
KB971029: Current on system.
KB971165: Current on system.
KB971234-v2: Current on system.
KB971276-v3: Current on system.
KB971314: Current on system.
KB971323: Current on system.
KB971345: Current on system.
KB971455: Current on system.
KB971657: Current on system.
KB972270: Current on system.
KB972422: Current on system.
KB972435: Current on system.
KB972878: Current on system.
KB973502: Current on system.
KB973507: Current on system.
KB973624: Current on system.
KB973815: Current on system.
KB973869: Current on system.
KB973904: Current on system.
KB974112: Current on system.
KB974318: Current on system.
KB974392: Current on system.
KB974571: Current on system.
KB975025: Current on system.
KB975467: Current on system.
KB975560: Current on system.
KB975713: Current on system.
KB976002-v5: Current on system.
KB976323: Current on system.
KB977816: Current on system.
KB977914: Current on system.
KB978338: Current on system.
KB978542: Current on system.
KB978706: Current on system.
KB978835: Current on system.
KB979309: Current on system.
KB979482: Current on system.
KB979687: Current on system.
KB981073-v3: Current on system.
KB981322: Current on system.
KB981669: Current on system.
KB981997: Current on system.
KB982132: Current on system.
KB982316: Current on system.
KB982665: Current on system.
KB983234: Current on system.

C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My Documents\QFECHECK>pause
請按任意鍵繼續 . . .

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UpdatePacks created by DXUPAC must have every single hotfix listed in Onepiece's AIO UpdatePack latest release, otherwise Windows setup will 100% fail.

If you can't find one of the hotfixes or you don't want it in your XP, after created your own update pack, you must open OPMWXPUP.inf file (or if you prefer extract missing hotfix in ENU version) and find which files are updated by missing hotfix.

Then manually delete every single reference of everyone of those filese from entries.ini file.

For example,

d1,imadmui.dlld1,imadmui.muid1,wdscsl.dll (in [Dosnet_Files_Pro] & [Dosnet_Files_Home] sections)d1,wdsimage.dll (in [Dosnet_Files_Pro] & [Dosnet_Files_Home] sections)d1,wdsimage.mui (in sezione [Dosnet_Files_Pro] & [Dosnet_Files_Home] sections)d1,wdsmgmt.dll (in sezione [Dosnet_Files_Pro] & [Dosnet_Files_Home] sections)d1,wdsmgmt.mui (in sezione [Dosnet_Files_Pro] & [Dosnet_Files_Home] sections)imadmui.dll  = 100,,,,,,,2,0,0imadmui.mui  = 100,,,,,,,2,0,0,imadmui.dll.muiwdscsl.dll   = 100,,,,,,,2,0,0wdsimage.dll = 100,,,,,,,2,0,0wdsimage.mui = 100,,,,,,,2,0,0,wdsimage.dll.muiwdsmgmt.dll  = 100,,,,,,,2,0,0wdsmgmt.mui  = 100,,,,,,,2,0,0,wdsmgmt.dll.muirvmtemp\extracted\imadmui.dllrvmtemp\extracted\imadmui.muirvmtemp\extracted\wdscsl.dllrvmtemp\extracted\wdsimage.dllrvmtemp\extracted\wdsimage.muirvmtemp\extracted\wdsmgmt.dllrvmtemp\extracted\wdsmgmt.mui 

Then open OPMWXPUP.inf file and delete in [OPMWXPUP] section from AddReg Directives KBXXXXXX.AddReg (in this case  KB970326.AddReg) 


Please take note in Unicode localizations as ARA, CHS, CHT, ELL, HEB, JPN, KOR, RUS it has been impossible to take out lines as they are, so they are in English now. EveryUnicode language pack maker should update by himself the TimeZone Hotfix lines. You need to extract latest TimeZone KB, you find them under [TZ_KBLAST.AddReg], and update all lines from Argentina_Display=* to Yakutsk_Display in Strings section.



You can find by yourself if there is something wrong in your chinese pack by downloading japanese one too, extracting both and comparing what's inside them

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Hi qwesta, in topics of Update Pack ENU http://www.wincert.net/forum/topic/5143-addon-onepiece-xp-post-sp3-aio-update-pack-v660/

What's inside Onepiece's XP Update Pack: Hotfixes List

What's new in latest release: Changelog

All credits are in entries.ini file: however many, many thanks especially to RyanVM, Nuhi, Siginet and Xable.

or take them from Microsoft Security Bulletins http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/security/bulletin

if an unofficial hotfix, click on the Hotfix Download Available ect ect ect


http://support.microsoft.com/hotfix/KBHotfix.aspx?kbnum=(KB NUMBER)example KB897571http://support.microsoft.com/hotfix/KBHotfix.aspx?kbnum=897571

 take INTL from here http://sdrv.ms/10fVaeW



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Onepiece has found a bug in Desktop Search of CHT UpdatePack he uploaded here http://www.wincert.net/forum/topic/6897-tool-dxs-universal-updatepackaddon-creator/page-10#entry97776


Fix for running XPs: Open Notepad, copy and paste this text

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes\CLSID\{954F1760-C1BC-11D0-9692-00A0C908146E}\InprocServer32]"ThreadingModel"="Both" 

Save as .reg file and run.


Fix for UpdatePack:

extract updatepack, open OPMWXPUP.inf file and under [WDS.Product.Add.Reg] section add these lines

[WDS.Product.Add.Reg]   HKLM, "SOFTWARE\Classes\CLSID\{954F1760-C1BC-11D0-9692-00A0C908146E}\InprocServer32", "ThreadingModel", 0x0, "Both" 

Save and recab updatepack

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KB953761 is a request-only hotfix. As all other hotfixes of this kind you can remove them from your updatepack in this way.


Besides KB953761 add no files in entries.ini so it's easier: just delete KB953761.AddReg from AddReg Directive in [OPMWXPUP] section


How to edit OPMWXPUP.inf?


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      Onepiece's Windows XP Post-SP3 All-in-One QFE/LDR International Update Packs
      Start from here: Onepiece XP Post-SP3 AIO En-US Update Pack FINAL
      Made with DXUPAC! only DotNet LangPacks are not included (as they're useless) but if you want them too, integrate OnePiece_NetFxLangPack_SvcPack_AddOn_%Lang%.cab (download it from one of Onepiece's Files Repositories) after UpdatePack.
      How to: update the included Adobe Flash Player ActiveX

      OnePiece Windows XP Post-SP3 UpdatePack v1.0.9 FINAL ARA - (Arabic)
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      Update (22 June 2017)
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      OnePiece Windows XP Post-SP3 UpdatePack v1.0.9 FINAL KOR - (Korean)
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      Update (22 June 2017)
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      OnePiece Windows XP Post-SP3 UpdatePack v1.0.9 FINAL PTG - (Portuguese)
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      Update (22 June 2017)
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      Filesize: 207.12 MB (217186283 bytes)  
      OnePiece Windows XP Post-SP3 UpdatePack v1.0.9 FINAL RUS - (Russian)
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      Update (22 June 2017)
      Hash MD5 237F2879AC6D6920495915F5EA62938D
      Filesize: 207.59 MB (217670355 bytes)  
      OnePiece Windows XP Post-SP3 UpdatePack v1.0.9 FINAL SVE - (Swedish)
      Update (22 June 2017)
      Update (22 June 2017)
      Hash MD5 4B76CD47C6F8561D255AE763E0A40258
      Filesize: 206.94 MB (216994255 bytes)  
      OnePiece Windows XP Post-SP3 UpdatePack v1.0.9 FINAL TRK - (Turkish)
      Update (22 June 2017)
      Update (22 June 2017)
      Hash MD5 3ECFE702D78183F8AFFF90723C28D644
      Filesize: 207.06 MB (217113805 bytes)
    • By nonno fabio
      OnePiece Windows XP Post-SP3 UpdatePack v1.0.9 FINAL ENU
      Update (22 June 2017)
      Update (22 June 2017)
      Update (22 June 2017)
      Hash MD5 7A2AC7C5DD72BB4BC0C18D677A8B8FB1
      Filesize: 206.18 MB (216198876 bytes)  
      This XP post-SP3 All-in-One QFE/LDR Update Pack differs from RyanVM's/user_hidden's one as it includes by default more stuff like IE8, DX updates, all .NETs and WMP11 for an easier integration, along with official and nearly all request-only hotfixes (RyanVM's Update Pack is more selective with request-only hotfixes, which is fine): all in a few MBs and integrated in native "true" mode.

      Onepiece's XP Update Pack can be used along with Nlite from v1.4.9.1 or RVM Integrator from v1.6.1 b2.1 on a clean (untouched) XP SP3 ENU source.

      From v3.5.1 XP post-SP3 AIO UpdatePack can be integrated in a XP MCE 2005 SP3 source.
      Please don't ask for inclusions or exclusions: if you like a different configuration use one of the existing vanilla XP UpdatePacks with your preferred addons and you'll get your own XP disc without the need to remove anything.
      However if you don't like all the additional stuff included in OnePiece's XP Update Pack, you can easily uninstall some of them from Windows Components Wizard after windows setup.
      Then you can use a Run window to totally delete the components from your live system, typing this command:
      rundll32.exe advpack.dll,LaunchINFSection OPMWXPUP.inf,%OptionalComponentsNAME%.CleanUp
      Other supported switches are HIDE (removes the component from Windows Component Wizard list) and SHOW (shows the component in Windows Component Wizard list):

      Alternatively, you can also disable their installation listing the one you don't like to install (but not .net 2.0!) in a Winnt.sif file (see also here), under [components] section, with an "= off" by their side. For example, if you want to disable installation of Windows Desktop Search you will add this string:
      [Components]...WDSearch = off... All the Winnt.sif optional components codes are shown below. List only those you want to disable!
      BitLockerToGo = BitLocker To Go ReaderBrowserChoice = Browser ChoiceDirectX = DirectX Post-SP3 UpdateICCDSCD = Windows Feature Pack for StorageIMAPI2 = Image Mastering APIMDX = DirectX Managed CodeMSXML4 = MSXML 4.0 SP3 Parser (KB2721691)MU = Microsoft UpdateNETFX30 = Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0 Service Pack 2NETFX35 = Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1NETFX40 = Microsoft .NET Framework 4PowerShell = Windows PowerShellPowerShellISE = Windows PowerShell ISESilverlight = Microsoft SilverlightWDSearch = Windows Desktop SearchWgaNotify = Windows Genuine Advantage NotificationsWinRM = Windows Remote Management (WS-Management)WRMC = Windows Rights Management ClientXP_EOS = Microsoft Windows XP End of Service Notification Or, again, you can remove them from XP source after UpdatePack integration. Simply extract one or more of the small RVM-only addons from this suite and run a single new RVM-i integration session for every one of them on your updated source: OnePiece Remove AddOn
      Update (8 April 2014)
      Update (8 April 2014)
      Update (8 April 2014)
      Update (8 April 2014)
      Update (8 April 2014)
      Update (8 April 2014)
      Update (8 April 2014)
      Update (8 April 2014)
      Update (8 April 2014)
      Update (8 April 2014)
      Update (8 April 2014)
      Hash MD5 07C39C13FEC9099B603BC00C3B209234
      Filesize: 19.8 KB (20303 bytes)
      NB *"REMOVE" addons are RVMIntegrator-only!! the entries.ini removal values are not supported by Nlite.
      ** Please note also that, due to a RVMi limitation, Removal Addons could break XP setup if integrated in the source at once in the same RVMi session: you must run your regular integration with Nlite or RVMi then, before making the .iso, one or more additional sessions of RVMi to finish off your source with the desired removal addon.
      ***OnePiece_Remove_Windows_Management_Framework_Core_AddOn.cab removes all single WinMFC components. So if you use it, you don't need to add:
      to your integration list

      Let's recap! the right order is:
      Run RVMi and integrate Update Pack - rerun RVMi and integrate first Removal addon - rerun RVMi and integrate second Removal addon - ... - rerun RVMi and integrate last Removal addon - rerun RVMi and integrate your preferred SW - make the .iso.

      Integration side effects (not UpdatePack bugs): setuperr.log will point out harmless error messages about some IE files like imgutil.dll, inetcpl.cpl, inseng.dll, mshtml.dll, msrating.dll, pngfilt.dll, occache.dll, webcheck.dll (caused by the patched Syssetup.dll used for integration and then restored with the original one). If you don't tolerate it you can integrate in addition Onepiece Repair IE8 cosmetic problems addon which does nothing else than cleaning those false errors in your setuperr.log file. Please note that in some rare configurations the integration of this "repair" addon could cause issues, so we don't suggest to use it. OnePiece Repair IE8 Cosmetic Problems AddOn
      Updated (March 27-2009)
      Hash MD5 5C7AF8CA9F637C993F4AEEFFB63F39ED
      Filesize: 1.28 Kb
      There's an incompatibility of new msi installer official release KB981669 with a single app of Windows Live suite, Photogallery. Microsoft hasn't fixed it yet so if you need that specific app you must revert to very old KB967756 using this addon by 5eraph.
      If you don't want to loose the new version, there's also a temporary workaround for working systems that allows you to install Photogallery in an updated XP What's inside Onepiece's XP Update Pack: Hotfixes List

      What's new in latest release: Changelog

      To update the included Adobe Flash Player ActiveX use Create OnePiece Adobe Flash Player True AddOn and integrate the resulting OnePiece_Adobe_Flash_Player_v%Version%_True_AddOn.cab after UpdatePack.
      As an example this is v20.0.0.228 True AddOn just created with Create OnePiece Adobe Flash Player True AddOn
      OnePiece Adobe Flash Player v26.0.0.131 True AddOn
      Update (22 June 2017)
      Update (22 June 2017)
      Update (22 June 2017)
      Hash MD5 69F5516C9CCDF0DB62B11450925B7E5D
      Filesize: 9.04 MB (9483969 bytes) You can also extract both the UpdatePack and the OnePiece_Adobe_Flash_Player_v%Version%_True_AddOn.cab, delete entries_Flash.ini file, copy/move newer Adobe Flash Player AddOn files inside UpdatePack, overwriting the older one and then archive UpdatePack again.

      How to update the DotNet True AddOn

      Complete mirrors, including prerelease and legacy versions, are available here:

      Localized XP Updatepack final releases (main languages):Onepiece International XP Post-SP3 AIO Update Packs FINAL
      Made with DXUPAC! only DotNet LangPacks are not included (as they're useless) but if you want them too, integrate OnePiece_NetFxLangPack_SvcPack_AddOn_%Lang%.cab (download it from one of Onepiece's Files Repositories) after UpdatePack.

      All credits are in entries.ini file: however many, many thanks especially to RyanVM, Nuhi, Siginet and Xable.
    • By OnePiece
      OnePiece Windows XP Post-SP3 Update Pack è una raccolta di aggiornamenti integrabili direttamente sul cd di Windows XP SP3. A differenza di AutoPatcher che esegue gli aggiornamenti su un sistema già installato, questo pack serve a creare un CD di Windows XP SP4 completo, che non contiene però nessun tipo di tweak o miglioramento. Il vantaggio principale rispetto ad AutoPatcher è che se viene installato Windows da un CD che abbia il OnePiece Pack integrato dopo non è necessaria l'esecuzione di AP, perché i file che si vanno ad aggiornare con le patch sono già aggiornati.
      Cosa contiene - Hotfix List
      Attenzione: non applicare su precedenti Update Pack o AddOn, Ragazzi sia per quelli che usino nLite sia per quelli che usino RVMi, metterlo il pack da solo integrarlo, e dopo integrare o fare altri operazioni in quello cd, metterlo il pack inseme ai altri cose ce il rischio di sforzare tropo le applicazione come nLite e RVMi, e dopo che il rischio che forse anche sbagliano in qualche cosa, cosi il consiglio e sempre essere prudenti e metterli le cose in cd uno a uno, cosi siete sicuri 1000% che tutto andrà ok
      OnePiece Windows XP Post-SP3 UpdatePack v1.0.9 FINAL ITA
      Aggiornato (22 Giugno 2017)
      Aggiornato (22 Giugno 2017)
      Aggiornato (22 Giugno 2017)
      Hash MD5 1065BBC91E197A83BB1182D6707CDDB5
      Filesize: 207.07 MB (217133052 bytes)  
      Ragazzi e tutto ok 10000% usare sia nLite sia RVMi per integrare Update Pack, io preferisco raccomandare sempre RVMi, perché RVMi non tocca mai nessun altro file in cd, cosi Integrazione non fallisce (o non fa uscire mai problemi ect ect) mai ect ect, cosi mi tocca rispondere piu meno ai segnalazioni che fanno tutti utenti al riguardo, come detto nLite e ok 10000%, milioni e milioni di utenti lo hanno usato per anni e anni e la usano ancora oggi ehhhhh (nLite va come un treno ), ma nLite a abitudine toccare a volte anche altri file che non hanno che fare con il Update Pack o il AddOn che stai integrando di più a moltissime opzioni, cosi utenti che non hanno molta esperienza al riguardo (eseguendo molte cose in nLite, oppure usando il nLite in extremis, oppure usando nLite in modo sbagliato) potranno danneggiare Windows XP Setup Files (che sono dentro il CD), e dopo non risecano capire dove hanno sbagliato ect ect dopo segnalano come problematico Update Pack o il AddOn ect ect, appunto per evitare questo io consiglio che e meglio usare RVMi per integrare Update Pack, testare se e tutto ok ect ect, e dopo chi vole fare altro andare avanti con nLite ect ect
      Ragazzi un ringrazio speciale va a forum http://thehotfixshare.net da dove o presso tutti questi hotfix, davvero direi straordinario il lavoro di quelli ragazzi li.
      Qui potete trovare tutto, anche le release precedenti:

    • By OnePiece
      Ragazzi ecco il nuovo Update Pack & AddOn Creator INTL, allora serve indicarli la cartella dove saranno presenti i file setup che volete creare come AddOn o Update Pack e cliccare Start
      DXUPAC Aggiornato (2016)
      Aggiornato (2016)
      Aggiornato (2016)
      Aggiornato (2016)
      Aggiornato (2016)
      "Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition" Come integrare Windows Service Pack 3 ...
      Link Utili.... UpdatePack INTL Files or UpdatePack INTL Files

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