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[AddOn] Vista RocketDock v1.3.5 [September 03-07]


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Vista RocketDock v1.3.5

Info: Modified RocketDock with Vista Icons.

Optional: Addon is also customizable. All you have to do is to Install the AddOn manually and set RocketDock with your prefered settings and native language then simply copy settings.ini file from the RocketDock folder and repack it into the addon.


MD5: 72C26E02C43067E5473799957660DE33

Size: 5.72 MB

Website: http://www.punksoftware.com/



- Updated v1.3.5


- Updated program v1.3.3

- Added more Vista Icons

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You can modify it and add your PNG files into the addon also... Just add them to [sourceDisksFiles] and to [icon.Files] Example:







Then Add them to RocktDoc.cab and repack the addon... While youre at it you can overwrite the settings.ini file with your current saved settings and you will have those also

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Well If you have Kels UberPack installed you can use CabTool in the SendTo menu... Just Right Click on the Extracted Folder and Send To CabTool, it will then create a .CAB file with the same name as the folder.

I on the other hand use TUGZip to make my .CAB files

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hi rick! would there be a way like gadget settings addon creation in sidebar for rocketdock where icons can be customized & preset for integration so that its set upon hitting the desktop after install? thanks! ;)

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Not really... I need the names of the icons.png files for the addon builder... Its not that hard to add new icons to the addon (add the icons files to the .CAB archive and edit [sourceDisksFiles] and to [icon.Files] sections) and just add your settings.ini also so your icon settings and layout are added

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rick.. thx!! ps i changed my docs, my vids, and my music to real vista icons... i got em if u want to use them, email me kmahajaniAThotmailDOTcom
yesac7.gif but I might not update the addon. I might wait till the next version or RocketDock comes out
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