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[AddOn] Vista RocketDock v1.3.5 [September 03-07]


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Sorry m8, I thought that you meant mine.

I still can't get it to work :icon_question: , I recabed it and still no go. :(

It will still install manually, but not install if I integrate it with RVM, I will try nlite and see what happens, and report back.

No go with nlite either, I don't know what I'm doing wrong. :(

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What I suggest is you try integrating the original unmodified addon and still see if it fails... If it does, then some other addon is breaking your install.

Rick if i use the original unmodified addon it works if i use moded one it doesn't, it don't make cents but ya ...................????? Would u like me to send u the addon ?

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Rick I tried installing your Rocket Dock and it works perfectly, no surprise.

I have just found out by installing your Rocket Dock that mine intergrates into the setup alright, but doesn't run at the end

and it doesn't show in Start / All Programs at all.

I know that it is integrating into the setup up files as at the end of the install, i get a error, saying that another program needs to restart

before installation can continue, which is alright, as I know why I get the error message.

Any other ideas.

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OK upload it

Here ya go ;) with mine it goes through install fine no error message (that i have seen) just like have my programs don't get installed thats all.

(ok hope this works never don't this b4 ;) )


http://www.esnips.com/doc/4a671797-3aa8-49...sion1.3.5_AddOn" target="_blank">wincert-download-button.png

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Again sounds like another addon is breaking your Install Disc...

Shortcuts not getting applied means that something went wrong (not necessarily this addons fault)

Its not another addon breaking the install disc, as it is the only addon that I use, other than that I use silent installers

to install everything that I want.

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Your Addon is find man , it's when i use my version with the extra icons and my setting.ini that it dont install every think , its got me beat to :)

Just out of interest did you use my addon in a vmware disc setup on your system???

thanks HEAPS :):) btw

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