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burn engine in w7t


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Hello Legolash2o,

First of all let me say thank you for all the hard work on this tool.

l hope my request here intreset every one.

1.) My intreset is with the "ISO Maker" l think you should in cloud Direct Burn, Burn Image, Create Image and Erase RW.



2.) "About" page of the tool to previous FIXED and NEW should be like when update is available page.



3.) (NEW) Driver backup tool, recommended "Drivers BackUp Solution" Link: http://www.msfn.org/...n-v-3410-final/

It is good to be able to backup current insatlled drivers in (inf) to ues later with win toolkit.

THANKS. :dancing:

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Maybe because there is already tons of (free) software to do this, beside less and less people burn isos todays (why wasting a disc when you can create an USB key with all the inherent advantages ?).

And before someone ask to add this feature to W7T, there is also many programs to make bootable USB key from ISO. (RUFUS is my choice)

Also, don't forget that W7T is coded by only one man, so many of us thought it is a good idea to focus on bug fixes, stability, performance, and really usefull and unique features.


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I am with mooms on this one.  Yes, I realize having an integrated burning solution could be nice, but seriously, that just means another thing to cause problems.  Besides, one can just as easily burn an iso with the windows 7 OS itself (assuming you did not disable that ability).

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