Not enough free space – 0x80780048

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3 Responses

  1. Alberto says:

    Hello, that solution doesn’t work. Even if you try using the wbadmin command line tool, and include only the C: drive, you get that error anyway. The space is much more than enough, but simply it want to make the backup. Trying on another internal disk, it works. What could be the real reason ?

  2. Nik says:

    Have you tried to use another external USB drive?

  3. Alberto says:

    The problem is that even if you only include the C: drive, it tries to include another drive (in my case the full drive where are stored the system reserved data).
    I thought the problem was the shadow copies: from the dos prompt -> vssadmin listshadows
    I see all the shadow copies.
    I deleted all of them.
    Now it works again.
    Terrible ….

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