How to Play Re-Volt on Windows 7

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11 Responses

  1. Dirk says:

    It still won’t work here: “can’t create front buffer” after showing some splash screens and then I need to kill the revolt.exe process.

    Please please please help? I would so love to play this great game again!

  2. Nik says:

    Try to add: C:\Program Files\revolet.exe in quotation marks:
    “C:\Program Files\revolet.exe” -sli

    See if that helps. Please double check that you made all of the steps as mentioned.

  3. amir says:

    When i press pause to go to next level the menu appear and it won’t jump to next level,
    what the hell

  4. arash says:

    Very very thank`s….

  5. abc says:

    the computer did not let me put the shortcut in -sli

  6. jolka says:

    Do not install in Program Files, install in C:/Games/Revolt. Works perfect!!!

  7. yomomma says:

    [quote name=”abc”]the computer did not let me put the shortcut in -sli[/quote]

    right click -> properties and make sure you put a space after the text and then -sil

  8. Sasho says:

    That helps,thank you!

  9. Pratik says:

    Thanks but still 1 problem it can’t open a car model wincar2 plz help

  10. amin says:

    thanks for your help

  11. zahra says:

    thanks a lot

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