Music App crashing on iOS 11

After the release of iOS 11, I have upgraded my iPhone 7 to get the latest features of the latest OS. After the upgrade, I have noticed that I can’t run the Apple Music app anymore. Once the application starts it crashes instantly.

music app

This problem also occurs on iPhone SE. After further investigation, I have noticed that app won’t crash if you enable an Aeroplane mode. Basically, disabling wireless and mobile internet will also work.

It seems that there is a problem with some stores after the iOS 11 update.

To resolve this I did the following:

Open Appstore | Click on your profile icon in the upper right corner | Click on your name/apple ID | Select Country/Region | Change Country or Region

For this purpose, I have selected Canada which allows me to change the Country/Region without providing the Credit Card info.

Once you have successfully changed Country/Region for your Apple ID try to open the Music app again. It shouldn’t crash anymore. Close the Music app and change your Country/Region once again back to what you were using before.

To switch back to Croatian store I had to provide a Credit Card info anyway. It appears that Apple has to confirm your residency with this check, but you can easily remove the card from your Apple-ID after this.

Once I have switched back to Croatian store I was able to run the Music app without any issues.

Hope this helps.

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