How to secure Live Messenger communication

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This tutorial will help you secure your MSN or Live Messenger traffic.

For this purpose I will be using Windows 7 x64, Live Messenger 2011 and Simp Lite software.

If you’re not using messenger, please Google for the Live Messenger term and download the latest version of the messenger.

Now, we need a free encryption software and I would suggest Simp Lite that will be sufficient for our purpose.

Simp Lite is available on THIS page. If this link is unavailable please Google for a term Simp Lite Enctyption software.

Installation of Simp Lite is fairly simple (next, next) 🙂

Once the installation finishes make sure that ‘Start the Configuration Wizard’ check box is checked and click Next and then Close.

In the Simp Lite configuration wizard choose if you want to display balloon tips or not and choose your connection.On the next screen chosse your Messenger version.

Now we’ll need to create the encryption key, create a password and move your mouse in the next screen to generate the encryption key.

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