Nota Fiscal 00385380011.exe virus alert


It seems that a new virus/malware is on the loose. Today I have received an e-mail containing the same virus in the past couple of days.

Here’s the mail info:

From: Ludimilla – Financeiro

Nota Fiscal – digitalset

Body: Demostrativo em anexo

Attachment: Nota Fiscal

File: Nota Fiscal 00385380011.exe

Unfortunately, I’m not sure what harm can this virus do to your machine, especially with the fact that it still has not been detected by most of the Antivirus applications.

Here is the result from VIRUS TOTAL

So far it has been successfully recognized by Avast, BitDefender, Nod32, Symantec etc.. It appears to be just another variant of Win32:Malware-Gen and it should be removed as posted on

So, please do not open the archived attachment. Delete the e-mail instantly.

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