How to Secure Your PC After a Fresh Windows Installation

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We know that this is something you don’t like to do very often. But once in a while you will have to get that CD and do a Fresh Windows Installation.

This article will help you increase your online security, so keep in mind the following tips.

1. Always keep Windows up to date

This is by far the most important thing you have to do. Check if you have the latest security updates and patches available for your operating system. This can be done through Control panel, and it should be very easy to do. Don’t forget to keep your Automatic Updates on at all time!

2. Keep your software updated

Just like with Windows it’s important to keep your main Programs up to date. It is known that hackers try to exploit loopholes in popular software like Adobe Flash, Java, Chrome. This is why you need to keep all of your main programs updated, as most companies fix these exploits in regular updates.

3. Make sure you have a Clean restore point

After you download all of the security updates for your Windows, be sure to create a Restore point for your installation. In case something goes wrong you can always go back to your Clean installation restore point.

4. Install an Antivirus for added protection

Use a good Antivirus from a well-known company. It is essential that you have a reliable security solution which includes scanning, updates, and a basic firewall. To find the best solution for you, check the various Antivirus tests done by companies such as PC Magazine or Virus Bulletin and choose the best option.

5. Back up your System

Even though you have set up some good protection for your system, there are some issues which could endanger your information. This step is simple, but very effective. You should use a combination of an external hard drive and an online backup service like Google Drive or Windows One Drive.

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