Better security with the new Huawei P9


Summer is the Season in which the security of your Phone’s data is the most vulnerable. Whether you are at a Music Festival or any other Gathering, the chances of losing your phone or having it stolen are very high. Having this in mind, Huawei has released their new device which promises to keep your data safe in any of these events.

Just like most flagship devices, Huawei has equipped their phone with a Fingerprint sensor. There is nothing really new about this feature, but it should be said that the sensor proved to be fast, reliable and accurate.

Since summer is the season in which you will probably be using your phone’s camera, Huawei has set up a cloud system for your Media. If you happen to lose you phone, you will have access to all of your photos and videos on the cloud. The phones use Google Photos in order to upload the Media to your account, and of course it’s free.

If you find yourself in a sticky situation you can simply log into: and secure your data. This service was made by Google, and offers you three simple ways of tracking your phone or locking up your data.

First of all, the phone is tracked on the map and there is an option to call your phone from your account. If your phone can’t be traced, there is an option of changing the password on your lock screen. If the device has some sensitive data that’s for your eyes only, you can simply delete it through your web browser.

These options were for a long time only available for corporate users, and now any Huawei user can use these services for free.

 This is certainly a step in the right direction for Huawei, and we would like to see them compete with companies like Samsung.

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