Windows Continuum – A new era of computing

The big news was launched by Microsoft a little while back, announcing that it is now possible to turn your phone into a PC. Welcome to Windows Continuum.

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It is designed so you can connect it to a TV or a monitor with a dock or an adapter and it is super convenient because this way you can see your apps on a very large screen.

Continuum is Microsoft’s special pride and joy which started its prominent career in Windows 10.

It allowed the use of your apps and other content in different situations making it very adaptive and user-friendly. It has the power to modify your experience for a specific activity, gadget or display so you can have the freedom and options available to you in any mode, whenever you wish.

The navigation is adjusted and easy to use while apps steadily scale from one screen to another. There is even the possibility to change the desktop mode to a tablet, without losing the quality of a beautiful display.

When it comes to the mobile version, if your phone has the required hardware such as the power to drive dual displays, you are now able to attach your smartphone to a monitor, mouse, and keyboard. Whether you use wires or your connection is established through Bluetooth and Miracast, your phone will use the necessary app to project a desktop like an image.

This news from Microsoft is definitely one giant leap into the future because it offers users more options in how they wish to use their phones. It represents transformation and progress which is always a very desirable step when it comes to new features.

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