From HTTP to HTTPS due to Security Risks

Due to better reliability and security of encrypted HTTPS, Firefox and Chrome have decided to be extra careful with HTTP connections, calling them insecure.

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This is mostly related to the websites which include forms of various kinds, from password fields to credit card fields. Special warnings shall be put so that any user would be rightfully warned that their HTTP connection is not completely secure.

One of the major security problems with HTTP pages is that when the information and data is being sent to another site, whether it is an HTTP or an HTTPS site, an intruder could easily modify the page and send the information to any destination that they want, instead of the destination that it needed to be sent to.

Now special warning would be issued to encourage developers and users to take on the HTTPS instead of HTTP whatever the circumstances, and especially when private information or information that requires special security is being handled.

The warning about security will be clearly marked either with an image of a padlock with a red line marked through it (Firefox) or with a not secure sign in the address box (Chrome).

But, these warnings and steps taken to better secure the web sites are just the first steps taken in this direction. We will not have to wait long before all the pages delivered through HTTP will be marked as insecure or will have an image of a padlock with a red line marked on it, no matter if they contain any kind of forms or vulnerable information. Also, special warnings will be issued.

Needless to say, that in the future, only HTTPS sites will offer the much-needed security and privacy for our personal information.

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