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7GB of disk space 1

Extend volume grayed out in Windows 10

Extending partitions on Windows 10 is as easy as it can be, and it can be done by using the Disk Management management console. Unfortunately, you might run into a situation where you won’t...

7GB of disk space 0

Missing disk in Windows Explorer

If you decide to do a fresh Windows 10 installation on new hardware and move your old disks to the new rig you could notice that some disks might be missing in the Windows...

Windows 10 Disk Cleanup; 7GB of disk space 0

Windows 10 Disk Cleanup not working properly

Windows 10, just like any other Windows release tends to fill up disk space pretty easily. In a couple of months of Windows 10 usage, my free disk space dropped to less than 10GB on a 256GB SSD...