spoolsv.exe causing high CPU usage

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8 Responses

  1. UltraGM says:

    Good Article that just solve my long time problem


  2. Lee says:

    Brilliant! Thanks for this – had this exact problem on a 2003 Server. Following your instructions worked perfectly.

  3. abhijit says:

    thank you 😆

  4. Mendim says:

    This solution fix the problem,but when i restart the pc,the problem exist again and spoolsv.exe eat all computer CPU,any help pls

  5. Aalok Bhatwal says:

    Thank you! Helped me.

  6. Kevin Jackson says:

    Thank you, worked perfectly.

  7. carlos angeles says:

    wow, it was that easy huh? Thanks so much! 😆

  8. Hugo says:

    I tried this on my MS Server 2003 running on a VMware and it worked perfectly. Thanks.

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