Windows Update error code 80092004 on Windows Server 2008

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18 Responses

  1. Nazz says:

    it works very well!!!!!!!!!

  2. Bill says:

    Awesome write-up! Worked for me, too!

  3. Coyote says:

    Thank you very much, it works now !!

  4. alo says:

    i try lot of things
    after installing Update KB4490628 everything works!

  5. Agent says:

    You made my day! God bless you!

  6. Alex says:

    Many thanks from Canada ! Much appreciated

  7. David says:

    Thank you so much from Argentina!!

  8. Carcruz says:

    Que buen dato !

  9. Fernando says:

    Thank you!! It worked for me on W7, I was going crazy.

  10. Bob Brayan says:

    Thank You, it working.. u solve my longtime issue

  11. antonio says:

    Thanks from Italy! It works!

  12. Nenad says:

    Thank you very much, helped a lot. Greetings from Switzerland

  13. Yaser says:

    thank you very much

  14. Luiz says:

    Solved my problem, helped a lot.
    Thank you!!!

  15. TW Lim says:

    Thanks for the wonderful solution!

  16. David Trevor says:

    Thanks man resolved my issues regarding the following 4 update. They now installed without a problem.
    – KB4534976
    – KB 4535102
    – KB4519108
    – KB4524157

  17. Alexis from Argentina says:

    Thanks you!!

  18. Julian says:

    Thank you SO much. That solved it for me

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