Logitech Mouse double click issues

If you are, like I, a Logitech mouse user you might have experienced double-click issues with Logitech mouse devices.

I had a Logitech MX Revolution mouse that started bugging me after 2 years of use. The problem with the mouse was, when you make one click on the folder to mark it, you would actually open the folder, as mouse double-clicked even though you have only pressed left button once.

Also, if you try to mark part of the text by holding left mouse button and dragging over the text, upon the release of the button, marked text was automatically unmarked as our sweet Logitech mouse double clicked.

I've decided to sell my problematic MX Revolution mouse and buy a new one (Logitech MX Performance Mouse), that also worked great for some time, but then I started to have the same double-click problem as with my previous MX Revolution mouse.

There are couple of solutions for this problem. One of them is to fix or replace the clicker. Logitech uses Omron clickers that apparently have really low quality materials.

Here's the tutorial on how to fix the clicker on Logitech mouse. http://www.overclockers.com/mouse-clicking-troubles-diy-repair/

Replacing the clicker will require a bit of soldering. There's a soldering kit available for merely $10 at Radio Shack. You also need an old mouse for this spare part. 

There is also another solution to this issue, but this is a software one :)

One company made a small application that should be started with Windows (you can copy it in the Startup folder, if you don't know how to do it, poste below and I'll explain the steps)

Software can be downloaded HERE.

This application actually helps with double-click issues. I've tried it and it works well, but I've noticed that I still have occasional issues when I try to mark the text in the document.

Please post below your Logitech experience and which method did you use to fix Logitech double-click issues.