Logitech Mouse double click issues

If you are, like I, a Logitech mouse user you might have experienced double-click issues with Logitech mouse devices.

I had a Logitech MX Revolution mouse that started bugging me after 2 years of use. The problem with the mouse was, when you make one click on the folder to mark it, you would actually open the folder, as mouse double-clicked even though you have only pressed left button once.

Also, if you try to mark part of the text by holding left mouse button and dragging over the text, upon the release of the button, marked text was automatically unmarked as our sweet Logitech mouse double clicked.

I’ve decided to sell my problematic MX Revolution mouse and buy a new one (Logitech MX Performance Mouse), that also worked great for some time, but then I started to have the same double-click problem as with my previous MX Revolution mouse.

There are couple of solutions for this problem. One of them is to fix or replace the clicker. Logitech uses Omron clickers that apparently have really low quality materials.

Here’s the tutorial on how to fix the clicker on Logitech mouse. http://www.overclockers.com/mouse-clicking-troubles-diy-repair/

Replacing the clicker will require a bit of soldering. There’s a soldering kit available for merely $10 at Radio Shack. You also need an old mouse for this spare part.

There is also another solution to this issue, but this is a software one 🙂

One company made a small application that should be started with Windows (you can copy it in the Startup folder, if you don’t know how to do it, poste below and I’ll explain the steps)

Software can be downloaded HERE.

This application actually helps with double-click issues. I’ve tried it and it works well, but I’ve noticed that I still have occasional issues when I try to mark the text in the document.

Please post below your Logitech experience and which method did you use to fix Logitech double-click issues.

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19 Responses

  1. Masterchief says:

    Same issue happened with all my MX serie mouses….why logitech why ….

    tried the recommended software, very impressive so far!! Thanks

  2. Nik says:

    If you have a valid warranty, please replace the mouse. Logitech will replace a mouse with this issue.

  3. Richard says:

    Here’s a great fix I found.
    1 ) Unplug the USB
    2 ) Blow into the crack under the left clicker
    Works like a charm!

  4. DavidMC says:

    In the Logitech support forum, a Logitech support staff posted a solution that worked for me. You have to remove the battery and press the buttons for 30 seconds to remove static electricity: http://forums.logitech.com/t5/Mice-and-Pointing-Devices/Performance-MX-mouse-double-clicking/m-p/709722/highlight/true#M36353

    Takes 1 minute, give it a try 🙂

    For me the problems started appearing shortly after starting to charge the mouse with a cable that came with my newly acquired smartphone (I lost the Logitech one and I was charging the battery with a battery charger).

    Cheers and good luck with your mouse!

  5. xan says:

    Well, wonder of wonders !!

    I took out the battery, pressed each button for 30 seconds, and simutaneously huffed and puffed into all the cracks. Then cleaned the eye with alcohol.

    I don’t know what actually did the trick, but…IT WORKS…..

    Thanks for your help !

  6. Ken says:

    That MouseFix software is working like a charm for my doubleclicking Logitech LaserMX mouse. Thanks so much for the solution!

  7. frEmn says:

    Instead of replacing the entire click mechanism, it can be opened up and repaired to provide 6 months to a years worth of proper clicking (in my experience). I’ve done this to my MX 620 three times now and it works great. Here is the instructable I made on how to do it – http://www.instructables.com/id/Repair-mouse-with-double-click-problem/?ALLSTEPS

    Hope this helps.

  8. mike says:

    EASY FIX!!!!


  9. Leichenschmaus says:

    Wow! Thanks, you saved me 80 euros with this software! 🙂

  10. Sgthawker says:

    I took mine apart and used an old school repair: I sprayed contact cleaner with silicone into the left mouse switch. After a couple years of use a little buildup is not unexpected. No desoldering or swapping springs, just contact cleaner spray.

    It works a charm!

  11. ricktendo64 says:

    I have the exact same problem with my Logitech Nano v550 (precisely the mouse in the picture,) double click problem comes and goes…I have been smacking the sh!t out of it when the problem occurs and sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t but thanks for these solutions

    • Lee Brown says:

      Just replace the Left-Click microswitch. Voila’, problem fixed.

      • Lee Brown says:

        I forgot to say, the double-click problem is not a Settings or Software issue. It’s just a worn out switch. The only “true” fix is to replace the micro-switch. You can buy 5 of them on Amazon for about $6 and a new set of skates/feet for about the same.

  12. Ian says:

    Tried this with Logitech Anywhere Mouse MX but it might also work for other models.
    – open control panel, mouse, double click speed
    – test the double click problem
    – open the mouse
    – click the button/actuator directly and check if the problem still occurs
    – if it works then it’s not a physical button defect

  13. Ian says:

    — continued —
    – locate the “hammers” under the buttons of the top case, this is the part that actually hits the actuators
    – notice that there will be an indentation
    – some suggested putting a tape or acetate on top of the indentation, it works but fails after a while when the tape moves or gets indented again
    – I fixed it by putting some epoxy to cover up the indentation, i used metal filled one (black color)
    – just put some along the entire length of the hammer as long as the indentation is covered, but just slightly more than the original height
    – i let is dry overnight to be sure
    – you can file/sand it off in case you put too much, but test first if it is necessary

  14. Tom G says:

    I have a Logitech Trackman Marble Mouse. I had the same problem with it. I opened it up and sprayed contact cleaner on the four switches for the buttons, put it back together, and it works great. (I just did this a few minutes ago, so it’s possible it will revert to its old behavior, but the difference is really clear at this point – I can move windows around without them sticking, I can highlight text and it stays highlighted, it doesn’t double click in a window title bar when I want to move it.)

  15. ilia says:

    I’m using logitech G700S and got so scared with the unintentional double clicks that had, all the time, LBM action assigned to 1 of G buttons (which using spring assisted switches) (used it 70% of time 🙂 )
    I was skeptical that the software can fix the problem, but looks like its really working.., perfectly, thanks for it.

    • ilias says:

      Also want to leave 1 note:
      yes the program fixing the symptom, not issue, but it much more reliable than hardware fix, you buying other mouse==same thing most possible will happen later, you fixing the switchers (by any way)==you’ll need to do it again after similar time. Guess the program just blocks too fast double click, impossible fast I guess, so personally I didn’t saw even once when it blocked intentional dbl. click.;

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