Cuphead game available on Windows 10, Steam and Xbox One

Cuphead, a retro-looking game from Indie Developer Studio MDHR was just released for Windows 10, Xbox One and Steam. The game was originally presented during Microsoft’s E3 conference back in 2014.


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The visuals and audio were created with the same techniques of the era, i.e. traditional cel animation (hand-drawn and hand inked!), watercolor backgrounds, and original jazz recordings.

You are able to play as a Cuphead or a Mugman, in a single player or a local co-op mode. In addition, you can explore strange worlds, use super moves, collect new weapons and discover hidden secrets.

The developer got inspiration for making this game with equally popular titles like Gunstar Heroes, Contra III, Super Mario World, Street Fighter III and Thunderforce series. Cuphead also supports the local multiplayer game so you can enjoy it with your friends.

The price for this game is only $19.99 considering that it’s eligible for Xbox Play Anywhere when bought from the Windows Store.

Key Features in short:

Fast and challenging action, retro stylings with modern depth
Huge, screen-filling bosses
A wide variety of wacky weapons, supers, and secrets
Schmup levels sprinkled throughout to test your skill
Amazing hand-drawn art in ’30s style
Original jazz compositions, recorded live
Irreverent and wacky sense of humor inspired by 30s cartoons
Play as a guy with a cup for a head (or a mug)
Simple enough to pick up and play, tuned for speed running
Unique parry defense system

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