Dark Mode for Explorer comming to Windows 10

Windows 10 Dark mode was introduced with Anniversary update which was released back in 2016.

dark mode

Many apps like Mail, Calendar, Windows Store and other apps got the ability to switch from light to dark mode. Dark mode is great for low-light conditions and is more easy on eyes. Additionally, when using portable devices it can also save your battery power.

If you still haven’t managed to try the Dark look, here’s how you can enable it.

Click Win key + I | Personalization | Colors | Scroll down and under “More Options” choose “Dark Mode“.

Until now the “Dark Mode” feature was system-wide and therefore could not be activated for File Explorer. Microsoft is finally working on bringing it to File Explorer and even though it is not fully enabled yet it can be found in the latest Redstone 5 Insider release.

Once it goes green, you will be able to toggle it through Windows Settings app as explained above. It is still unknown if it will be released once Redstone 5 goes final or we’ll have to wait for the next major release coming next year.

Along with this UWP File Explorer is still in the works and initially, will be presented exclusively for Windows Core OS devices.

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