Firefox browser is now serving snippet-based ads

Mozilla, the company which tends to present their Firefox browser as the only independent browser that cares for your privacy, just started serving ads. According to Reddit, many users are reporting ads showing in the snippet area of the latest Firefox v64.0 browser edition. Until now, snippet area mostly contained information and tips about Mozilla services.

firefox browser

After clicking on the ad, you will be redirected to page that clearly states partnership with Firefox. This is yet another instance of Mozilla’s effort to monetize their popular browser, along with the funds from the Google search bar that comes built into the browser.

firefox browser

Anyway, Mozilla wants to be fair towards their customers so they have allowed disabling the snippet area in Firefox.

To disable the snippet area in Firefox please do the following:

Open Firefox preferences
Clear the Snippets checkbox

firefox browser

Personally, unlike many other Firefox users, I support Mozilla for this decision.

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