Intelligent malware is coming and it will cause chaos

Intelligent malware is coming and it will cause chaos once it’s out

Imagine if a Virus could mimick someone you exchange Emails with. You receive a normal email from a friend telling you where and when to meet, but the entire message was actually generated by a smart Malware that has learned to mimic the writing style of your friend. Sounds terrifying, doesn’t it?

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It sounds somewhat unreleastic – and it is, but just for now. This is the prediction of Dave Palmer, director of technology at cybersecurity firm Darktrace. He says that this is the only way the race between hackers and security firms can progress.

As artificial intelligence is developed, it will sooner or later find its way into various malicious software. This could hold disasterous results for businesses and individuals who are in the hackers crossairs.

Smart viruses have the ability to hold industrial equipment for ransom

Ransomware is a form of malware that encrypts everything on the device it infects, ad then demands a bitcoin ransom to decrypt it and restore access to the user. Just like with regular terrorists, if not paid in time, the data is “executed” in front of your eyes.

Mixing AI with ransomewhare could turbo-charge these attacks and make enable them to spread automatically to new, even jucier targets.

“I’m convinced we’ll see the extortion of assets as well as data. So factory equipment, MRI scanners in hospitals, retail equipment — stuff that you’d pay to have back online because you can’t actually function as a business without it. Data’s one thing and you can back that up, but if your machine stops working then you’re not going to be making any more money.”

said Palmer in an interview.

Smart Viruses will learn to act like a Humans

Using neural networks, it is already possible to mimic writing styles of a person. With just a few samples of text you have written, smart Viruses could learn to mimic you in order to infect other people in your circle, posing as you of course.

Be careful to which emails you will be replying, as they could be written by a Smart piece of code.

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