Microsoft fixes privacy leak in Chromium code

Ever since Microsoft decided to use the Chromium platform for its Edge browser, the company has been contributing to the development of the Chromium code base.

edge browser based on chromium; Chromium code

The latest submission from Microsoft engineer Siye Lui proposes setting the IS_PRIVATE input scope once in Incognito or a guest mode on Windows 10.

Until now, the Chromium-based browsers did not properly support Windows 10’s IS_PRIVATE input scope tag. This basically means that while in Incognito Mode the Windows 10 keyboard would still learn from the typed information for improving the keyboard accuracy purposes and thus can cache commonly used text phrases, URL addresses, and passwords.

Microsoft wants to raise the security level by starting to treat the text typed in incognito mode as private without anyone being able to analyze it. With this leak fixed, browsing history, cookies, text caches, and other unwanted private data will be removed from the system once the session in incognito mode ends.

This change has already been implemented into the Chromium source code and is planned to be tested soon on Google Chrome. It is unclear when this change will be officially released for Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge based on Chromium and other various browsers that are using the Chromium code base.

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