Microsoft wants to know why users choose Chrome over Edge browser

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2 Responses

  1. Brad says:

    The answer is simple. Google Chrome complies with the norms of what a software interface looks like. Microsoft Edge looks like a 5 year chile drew the interface in kindergarten. I and most other people refuse to use software that looks that terrible. The fanbois designers that M$ has who think that minimalist design looks good, should all be ran out of town on a rail.

  2. Simple, material design over metro design, MS keeps pushing the metro design agenda, wich we hate so much because its childish oversaturated, over simplified and artificial, it is no modern its just trendy, its not original they betray so much concepts that make microsoft big, the user interface, it is not natural: shadows, buttons, hyperlinks corners, even the most simple of actions gets bashed away with their interface not just metro/modern, or fluent. In fact everything on ms hands gets like this: forsaken.

    The number one thing they have never done was using the same icon as internet explorer.
    Using the same ”Standard” and the other modern/metro/fluent applications, being slow, for everything.
    Using an slow-graphics card dependent rendering engine.
    Not having complements/addons/plugins.
    Having an awful interface
    Cluttered interface
    Unnecessary big buttons
    Not supporting Java without messing the browser
    Its Slow in much web pages, and its not updated regularly

    Pretty much, the whole browser, MS turns itself in a worst version of itself, they are commiting the same mistakes as vista, the same mistakes as SEGA, and they will loose a big battle, they think they cannot loose, that is a slap for MS.

    React right now, you are lost, and you will fail.

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