Windows 10 v1809 hit by more issues

The latest Windows 10 v1809 update brought a huge issue which caused users to lose personal files on some devices during the upgrade. Because of that, Microsoft had to postpone the distribution until these bugs will be fixed.

Windows 10 v1809

Just after Microsoft confirmed and fixed the data loss issue, more problems arose. The first issue with data loss affected systems where default folders like Pictures or Documents were moved without moving the containing files. This resulted in v1809 update deleting the files in the original folder.

One Reddit user reported that Windows 10 v1809 system no longer prompts for conflict actions, for example, when a user tries to copy a file from one folder into another where this file already exists.

Another user reported that the same action completes silently by the system by not overwriting files in the destination folder and not prompting users about it.

A third reported issue suggests that drag and drop operations with compressed folders appear to be broken as well. When a user tries to update the compressed folder, the process seems successful, but after the check, the archive is not updated.

The similar problem appears when a user tries to extract archive contents to a folder where the files are already present, Windows 10 will not display a pop-up asking user what to do with existing files.

It appears that the archive bug affects only the built-in Zip functionality of Windows 10v 1809, but not other third-party apps.

For now, it’s advisable not to rush with the update and to stick with Windows 10 V1803 version until Microsoft solves stated bugs.

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