WinRAR v5.31 Giveaway on WinCert (Closed)



Our lucky winners for this giveaway are:
Alex Badanuk
Brivio Pier
Laurentiu Roman
Amir Zubair
Danny Chen

We have requested additional information from our lucky winners. Once we receive required information our winners will get their licenses.


WinRAR, as the 32-bit and 64-bit Windows version of the RAR Archiver, is one of the most popular and powerful file compression archiving utilities with very strong general document, multimedia and solid compression. It is a convenient program with many integrated additional functions to help you easily create new, organize and manage existing, and extract already made archives in multiple formats with just a few clicks. WinRAR 5.31 completely supports RAR, RAR5 and ZIP archives and is able to unpack CAB, ARJ, LZH, TAR, GZ, ACE, UUE, BZ2, JAR, ISO, 7Z, and Z archives.

WinRAR is a cross-platform utility supporting Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008/Windows 7/Windows 8/2012/Windows 10 with either it’s GUI or via command line, and Mac OS, Linux and FreeBSD via command line. For Android users the RAR for Android App is available on Google Play. WinRAR is available in both a 64-bit version for use on 64-bit OS, and a 32-bit version that can work on both 32-bit and 64-bit OS. It is strongly recommended to install the 64-bit version of WinRAR on 64-bit versions of Windows because it provides higher performance and better shell integration than the 32-bit version. WinRAR is also available in more than 40 languages.

It was originally released in 1995, and ever since then it has maintained it’s basic user interface structure, organized similiarly to most Windows-based applications, so it is user-friendly, familiar and intuitive with a clean interface, making it accessible to users of all skill levels. In addition to the command line and graphical interfaces, you can add files to existing archives via drag-and-drop, it has a wizard interface, theme support, a folder tree panel and a password manager. It also offers Windows shell integration, so you can easily access some app features from the context menu. When accessed through WinRAR, compressed files open just like any other folder would.

By taking advantage of its ability to utilize recovery records and recovery volumes, provided that the archives were created using them, you can often reconstruct physically damaged archives. It has strong optional archive encryption with password available using AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) with a key of 128 bits that you can enable when needed. If you use the RAR5 format, both the default and maximum compression dictionary sizes are increased, it is easier to recover damaged archives, and AES-256 encryption is supported, among other tweaks. Since the RAR5 format is relatively new it’s not yet supported by all the other archiving utilities, or older versions of WinRAR, but you can use regular RAR files if you need to share them with others.

By making smaller archives, (RAR files can usually compress content 8 to 30 percent better than ZIP files), WinRAR is often faster than similar utilities, and saves disk space, transmission costs and valuable working time as well. WinRar has NTFS, Unicode and multithread support and can scan archives for viruses. It supports files and archives up to 8,589 billion gigabytes in size, if you can find a place big enough to store such an archive. It allows you to split archives into separate multi-volume archives easily, so you can save them on several disks or make them easier to transmit, for example. The latest versions of WinRAR offers improved extraction of files or archives that had been split into multiple parts by other archive utilities such as 7-Zip. WinRAR also offers the ability to create programmable self-extracting (SFX) archives (.exe files) using default and external SFX modules.

WinRAR is provided with a 40-day trial period to give you the chance to thoroughly test it. After that, you’ll need to pay $29 for a single-user license to continue using it. WinRAR licenses are valid for all available language and platform versions. If you have purchased several licenses, you can even mix versions to meet your own personal needs. WinRAR gives you all future Updates for free and the program is updated on a regular basis.


These days it’s hard to go too long without having to open some type of compressed file that Windows can’t handle on its own, or you need to send lots of and/or large files as attachments. WinRAR is a complete software solution that offers a full set of features for opening, creating, manipulating and managing various types of compressed files through its intuitive and streamlined interface, and it works quickly, smoothly and efficiently. WinRAR consistently ends up at the top of the list when it comes to programs of this type, and the generous trial period means there’s no real reason not to check it out. Even novice users will find their way around this program quite quickly.

win.rar GmbH, registered in Germany and represented worldwide by local partners in more than 70 countries on six continents, has been the official distributor of WinRAR and RARLAB products since February 2002 and handles all support, marketing and sales related to WinRAR & RARLAB.COM.

For more information about WinRAR and win.rar GmbH visit:

Information on the improvements and bugs fixed of WinRAR 5.31 can be found here:

The evaluation copy of WinRAR 5.31 32-bit can be downloaded at:…rar/wrar531.exe.

The evaluation copy of WinRAR 5.31 64-bit can be downloaded at:…rar-x64-531.exe.

We are offering 5 perpetual licenses for the current (5.3x version) of the software.

To enter this giveaway please become a fan of Winrar and WinCert at:

Also, please leave a comment bellow with your full name so we can contact you in case you are the lucky winner.

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