Surface better than iPad says customers

According to J.D. Power’s US Tablet Satisfaction Study, Microsoft’s Surface is a better tablet than Apple’s iPad. This is the first time that tablet customers gave the advantage to Surface tablets with an overall satisfaction score of 855/1000.

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J.D.Power’s US Tablet Satisfaction Study

Top rankings of Microsoft in the features and design, internet connectivity, pre-installed applications and availability of manufacturer-supported accessories areas was responsible for Microsoft’s achievement.

Additionally, Microsoft got the highest rankings in size of tablet, materials quality and attractiveness.

48% of Surface users reported stylus usage (27% industry average), 51% of the physical keyboard usage (14 industry average) and 27% mouse usage (6% industry usage) which proves that Microsoft made a proper 2 in 1 device.

Apple’s iPad is right after Microsoft’s Surface with 849 points, so not too far behind, but still, Microsoft’s Surface is now rated as the best tablet on the market.

Most Microsoft customers are early adopters and mostly a younger population who consider productivity features as important. Microsoft owners gave the highest scores for the following categories: internet browsing 90% (75% industry standard), e-mails usage 76% (61% industry standard), Word usage 63% (30% industry standard) and mobile banking 53% (40% industry standard).

J.D.Power’s US Tablet Satisfaction Study shows that customer satisfaction regarding tablets is rising. Tablet owners look for cheaper and larger screen devices along with better internet data plans.

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