What are and how to open .CFG files

Having trouble opening .cfg extension? You’re in the right place! In this article, we will suggest programs you may use to open those files.

So, what is a .CFG file?
The files containing the extension .cfg extension generally contain stored configuration data and certain parameters of various programs. Also, files of this type often occur after changes were made to program settings. For example, after modification of interface settings, a new .cfg file will be created. In general, configuration files are called config .cfg and mainly consist of a few simple lines of text that present variable of different values.

Files with the .cfg extension are actually plain text files, and so the easiest way to modify them is to open them in Windows using tools such as Notepad. In most cases, a double click on such a file will lead to a system response to the impossibility of opening the program and with proposals for the programs with which it can be open. In most cases, Notepad will be on the list.

If Notepad is not listed, you can find it manually in the Windows folder. It is recommended to disable the permanent opening of this type of file with Notepad because in some cases a different program would be more effective for opening files of that type. Another way to open these files is to drag &drop such files into an open Notepad.

Needless to mention that when reinstalling the program, it is very important to make a backup of files, especially if changes will also be made. For users who frequently modify .cfg files, installation of Notepad ++ text editor is recommended.

The users of Linux and other UNIX-based operating systems will find several pre-installed text editors. Nano is the simplest of them and is probably a good start. But for a more advanced modification, it is recommended to learn to use more complicated and more powerful programs, such as Emacs or Vi/vim.

Occasionally, a config file may look like a binary file, and not as a text file. In this case, Google can be helpful in your search for some binary file editor, but keep in mind that in a modification of binary files you have to be very careful. If you’re wondering how to open .cfg files, you should probably avoid editing binary files.

There are some programs that create .cfg files. One popular program is the one that creates the simulation of the 3D universe also called “Cilectia”.

Cal3D, character animation toolkit, uses .cfg files as a three-dimensional model configuration files. They are stored in the form of simple texts and contain important information about the references to the components of the model, such as skeletons, animation, and materials.

Some of the other programs in which .cfg files may be found are MAME, the arcade video game emulator, Battle for Wesnoth game and Lightwave3D app. In addition, the .cfg file can be a file containing the data for connecting to the Citrix server.

How to open .cfg files:

The main applications for opening files config extension in Windows are Microsoft Notepad, Microsoft Wordpad, Fileviewer Plus and any other text editing programs. On Mac, you can use programs such as Apple TextEdit, Macromates Textmate, Macvim and similar text editing programs.

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