Windows 7 is growing, despite all the efforts of Microsoft that users switch to Windows 10

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Microsoft is doing everything they can to urge customers to move from Windows 7 or Windows 8 / 8.1 operating systems to Windows 10. Their strategy seems extremely desperate, and when you look at the results from the market, this strategy brought them success .

According to Net Analytics study, figures show that 19.14 percent of the Windows users are now using Windows 10, which is much better than in July last year when it was 0.39 percent, but have in mind that Windows 10 arrived on the July, 29 last year.

By the end of April Windows 10 reached 14.35 percent market share, which was a sensational growth compared to 11.85 percent in January this year. According to this Windows 10 operating system is now installed on 350 million devices around the world.

The only major concern for Microsoft is Windows 7. In April Windows 7 was at 47.82 percent in May, 48.57 and currently holds 49.05 percent. That means that a lot of users are still refusing to upgrade to Windows 10 and still prefer Windows 7 OS over any other.

An old fella Windows XP makes 9.78 percent recorded in the last three months, with an increase of 0.12 percent which is alarming news for Microsoft!

Here is the status of other Operating Systems on the market.

Windows 8 (2.45 percent), Windows 8.1 (8.01 percent), Mas OS X 10.11 (4.93 percent) and Linux (2.02 percent). All recorded insignificant decline in the last three months.

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