Windows 10 upgrade issues

A user reported the following problem when he tried to run a free upgrade of Windows 7 to Windows 10:

Some settings are managed by your system administrator

After he decided to take the free upgrade offer which will be available until July, 29 he was unable to do so.
update error; some settings

If you have experienced the same issue, please continue reading and hopefully we will help you to upgrade your Windows 7 operating system.

I have checked local security policy to see if some setting is preventing upgrades, but I wasn’t able to find anything out of the ordinary. Therefore I have checked registry entries for Windows Update and haven’t found anything.

Then I have tried to find other keys and have noticed something. The key called “NoWindowsUpdate” was the culprit here and it can be found on the following path:


It has the following values:

1 = Enabled = Users cannot connect to the Windows Update website.
0 = Disabled or not configured. Users can connect to the Windows Update website.

upgrade win 10; some settings

The strange thing was that his PC was updating automatically. He just wasn’t able to run the upgrade to Windows 10.

You can delete this key or change it’s value to 0. Close the registry editor, restart Windows Update service and try to run the upgrade again.

win 10 upgrade; some settings

Hope this helps. Comments are welcome!

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