Windows Phone Internals will allow you to unlock any Lumia Windows Phone

Windows Phone Internals is a software which allows you to unlock and gain root access to Windows phones.

windows phone internals

After more than 2 years without an update, Phone Internals developer finally announced on his blog that a new update is just around the corner. Some of the provided bits of the update reveal that upcoming 2.2 version of the software will include tools for bypassing SecureBoot on all modern Lumia Windows Phones.

Bypassing SecureBoot means an open door for custom ROMs, Mass Storage Mode, and Root access on many Windows Lumia phones. The app developer has also provided a Youtube video showing the future plans for Windows Phone Internals software.

It is rather interesting that this update came just after Microsoft has given up on Windows 10 mobile OS. Windows Phone customers and developers will now be able to fully unlock the hardware of Lumia phones, install other operating systems and unlock carrier locked features.

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