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  1. You're going to want to start with windows 7 starter actually.
  2. There exists no legal version of that kind of disk from Microsoft!
  3. Then you are using warez and as such you will find no help here.
  4. Lemme point a couple things out: One reason why your post was not being read could be this: Forum rules: (Which I highly suggest you read very closely) http://www.wincert.net/forum/topic/2-wincertnet-forum-rules/#entry90866 Saying mooms was rude because he is french is still a form of racism or prejudice.Like saying all gays are going to hell simply for being gay. Or someone from the Philippines can sell you a 6 year old girl, Or a Nigerian is going to tell you that you won 15million dollars. Or your Asian neighbor can karate kick your ass or program your dvr. So-on and so forth. Any way you put it is completely un-excusable and will not be tolerated. Now as to your questions; Before starting your custom setup take a new untouched windows ISO and extract it. Then do the customizations to the install and boot wim files. Then use the ISO maker tool in the toolkit to repackage everything into a new ISO.
  5. In answer to your actual question you need a win8 ISO with a actual wim in it not a esd also Wintoolkit can and will repackage it into a fresh ISO when done.
  6. Wow why did you have to become racist? It doesn't look very good on you. IMO the original post is/was rather hard to follow and mooms was not being rude. Rude would be if he said something like "your post is unreadable because it looks like a Alzheimer's patient with ADHD wrote it"
  7. Windows loader is a illegal program and your open admission of using it is grounds for being banned. You were given a verbal warning instead of being immediately banned. We have a very strong stance against warez, activators, loaders and cracks. It doesn't matter if you have a legal key or not. Using a loader perpetuates the problem of illegal software practices. Clarification of why windows loader is illegal; It comes distributed with a couple of dozen windows keys and primary purpose is bypassing microsoft activation requirements. P.S. I'm not judging you as a person. You could very well be a nice guy. However I have a job to do here protecting the forum. We cannot be viewed as a forum that condones illegal practices. That would get us shut down.
  8. It's not that. Had the OP posted a picture of a standard screenshot and asked the same question then we wouldn't be here. HOWEVER, researching the screen of the posted OS I can find that it is being distributed with cracks and even just helping with it perpetuates the problem of warez.
  9. I installed it with the security settings modifier. That worked.
  10. /s is for the .exe mainly /qn or /qb are for .msi
  11. That used to work for updating only on v6. However, I have been researching for the past hour and according to this: http://docs.oracle.com/javase/7/docs/webnotes/install/windows/jre-installer-options.html All of the switches that we use are depreciated and no good anymore. After running tests we really only need to ad /qn or /qb! now everything else has been changed and fixed.
  12. Nlite is for xp era os's only so that's not good for your uses.
  13. Mild layout suggestion: I personally think for congruity and appearance that you should reorganize the tabs a bit. Here is why You have a couple of tabs that just open browsers Info at the far right seems really out of place and when you click on it the drop down menu goes past the border of the toolkit. I think you should move info to the left right after (or before) instructions. That way all of the parts of the toolkit take up the same amount of real estate and personally looks much cleaner.
  14. hkcu reg tweaks can't be applied until after the user account has been populated it's been that way for a very long time.
  15. Can someone send $5-$10 bucks to kelsenellenelvian @ gmail .com as a gift via paypal? Not through the donation link but as a gift to my name. I want to see if it is true that they don't charge transfer\process fees for gifts.
  16. Hey Broken? What was the size of the updates folder? Just curious.
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