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  1. I got the house and have been spending the last month straight working on it. (I ended up selling my pc, almost no one donated)
  2. Thats standard with the ipb internet forum crap. They are not all that good with quality control.
  3. Please note the original poster was using a warez release... The root the the issues could have been from that.
  4. I have removed the warez serial from your posts. Warez is not welcome here and any further violation in any way will result in a permanent ban...
  5. Do you actually have a 2007 version capable of this? Standard versions don't work well with xml
  6. Do you have a link for xLite? Also don't you think $30-$50 is a bit much haha :-O I have to agree with you on that one. As soon as they pay me next. I will be betting rid of the installer or search for an alternative but with better software.Basic version of ntlite is free but really limited, full version is 45 dollars
  7. Why not donate so he does not need to take these measures to earn money? Or would you prefer he charges for wintoolkit? I think 30-50 usd per pc sounds good...
  8. There is adware bundled with most software now. There is also a option to not have it installed during installation. Also there is a portable version which contains no installer or adware. My question to you is this, have you ever donated for the toolkit or are you mad because the author wishes to earn some money alongside his FREE SOFTWARE? Hey lego, if people keep complaining and whining i would consider charging for wintoolkit (nuhi is going to be for xlite) I think 30-50 per pc sounds good
  9. Well its pennies you probably would not have sent to him any other way. Have you donated or paid?
  10. We dont allow warez on this forum. Asking for such will get you banned. This is not up for debate either.
  11. Welcome to windows 8 AFAIK there is no way to avoid those.
  12. Thank you for your candor and now that is over welcome to wincert please feel free to visit here again.
  13. i'm going to be away for 3-4 hours I'm eager to read your results.
  14. I'll suggest that to the author. It is a common recommendation for applications like this though (nLite, vLite, Xplite and so-on) as av programs can really slow the process down and occasionally screw up the source your trying to modify.
  15. I have sent a request for the complaint ticket to your isp to be cancelled now that your comments on your blog are no longer there.
  16. Since you have retracted your statement I can also cancel the claim.
  17. Wintoolkit does check for updates for itself on start but can be run offline also to demonstrate no issue with it downloading files. The update check can also be disabled via the options menu.
  18. It was easier to contact them and they would take much quicker action that blogger. WinToolkit, while being freeware does have a good name to protect and WinCert is technically a business that relies on the income from ads and donations. You defamation of the two without the ability to post counterpoints could be damaging. Especially since the readers you have (Albeit probably not that great a number) only got one side of the story and could not or likely would not check for themselves.
  19. While I may not think highly of your claim of being an IT Professional I will admit that your realization and public admittance or your half cocked-ness is a great thing and it takes a big person to stand up and admit fault like that. Thank you.
  20. Further more write.exe (Yes the old one with the 3.1 icon!) IS a file inside the wim you mounted with the toolkit it was not downloaded and placed there by the toolkit! It comes in the wim file MS put on the disk!!! Holy crap I thought you were a it pro? Proof for your self look in the Windows folder of a wim (You can open it with 7z) and you'll see it there. And in the system32 folder and in other folders too. LOL its the same damned file you have in your windows folder on your running system too. (I'll wait go look) Now once you find it try to delete that one...
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