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  1. I have two SODIMM modules, 512mb each 667mhz if anyone wants!
  2. Happy belated birthday.. sorry I have been absent lately! Hope you had a great day
  3. Well I have a few... Just recently bought an iPod Touch 2G 16gb ( posting from this right now ) I have an OQO Model 2 which is a very small micropc/umpc, this may be replaced by my touch, I never thought a device could be so productive... for my needs that is. I as well have a Corsair Voyager 8gb and like Star Trek haha Hmm I bought a broken Fujitsu u2010 note for cheap and currently in the works of fixing this device, I recieved a pcie ssd which I am going to test tonight That is all I can think of now!
  4. Yes it can be set to manual or enabled, if you set it to disabled the wireless icon problem will arise. To set services go to start then run and type "services.msc" without quotes!
  5. COKEDUDE, Why not try this dudes FF addon/silent install maker HERE works good, very customizable!
  6. Kel does this make your context menu's a lot bigger ? I guess MMM is not compatible!
  7. I like this one, the context menu when you right click My Computer This one if for Standby, I use psshutdown.exe because when hibernate is enabled you don't have the option to Standby when using this command "rundll32.exe powrprof.dll,SetSuspendState" [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\{20D04FE0-3AEA-1069-A2D8-08002B30309D}\shell\[Standby]\command] @="psshutdown.exe -d -t 0"
  8. I was told it was removed because it is old, umm since rick has stopped working on this and now bober has taken over, he has renamed it to XPtsp and you can check that out HERE I am sure you will be satisfied with this. If you still would like to try the late V'ISO I am sure I could upload it for you... that's if I still have a original version, I edited a few files for my own liking...
  9. I actually meant where do you reside forum wise lol Is your computer just a hobby or do you use them for work etc ?
  10. Well I am pretty sure I read close to all the pages Thanks for letting us know bold! Where do you reside now ?
  11. My UMPC desk, what is up with my highlighted icons ?
  12. Sounds like we have select leaches :angry:
  13. runningfool, I like compact setup as well, could you let me know what extensions you used ?? thanks
  14. I like this wallpaper !!! Using on my desk and UMPC
  15. I am still using V'ISO v8.2 modified to my liking A guy might move over to XPtsp ... what are the advantages if V'ISO is working perfect ?
  16. Rick I just stumbled across this, maybe update it in the future :type: Using this with Google Calendar, works great
  17. Looks good!! Not on dialup but I sure like fast because my satellite net is not all that great.
  18. Yes that is exactly what I am looking for!!! Thank you much appreciated
  19. Rick and All, I remember one of the older V'ISO builds when the CMD window poped up to patch windows files it was small, what command can I use to make a CMD window smaller ?? Sorry if that doesn't make sense! thanks
  20. This one works perfect for me now, created a nice FF 3 addon with all my stuff Thanks again
  21. Hi Bold, Good to see you are here. RIP bold forum
  22. LUZR4LIFE, I also experienced this with XP Pro or W2K3 I can't remember which but the exact same thing would happen. Never really solved it, I think it may have just went away ?
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