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  1. Tried mine - works just fine. /From a rainy Sweden...
  2. Happy New Year to everybody, I´m looking for someone who has experience in integratin drivers with WTK. I think this will be easier in version 2 - but I would like some examples of successful driverintegration with version 1. Big thanx in advance from a dark and rainy Sweden...
  3. Log ID: UxD668A1C4103AE182133E4C79D6E37D24_Ex060024AA_frmToolsManager_en-US_615519 or Log ID: UxD668A1C4103AE182133E4C79D6E37D24_Ex060024AA_frmToolsManager_en-US_747751 Hope this makes any sense - all I got was a crash... God Jul (Seasons Greetings) from Sweden
  4. Which Windows are you running?
  5. No problem at all! Greetings from Sweden
  6. Ahh - I see. Didn´t know it was that big. I see in the link that you provided that there are some "known issues" with that update - maybe that the problem?
  7. Worked just fine for me with 7-zip.
  8. portable works superfine for me now. All that I´m curious about is that IE Hypthenation and IE Spelling got yellow hooks all the others got a green one. Will try the installation i vbox soon. I´ll be back! Works just fine in vbox. BigThanx!
  9. Thanks Thiersee, then we can exlude that theory. And yes I ment the portable version - please excuse the language.
  10. Hello Wela - looks like you have the same problem as I (v14 an 15 = problem, v13 works just superfine). I downloaded your errorfile and I see atleast 3 things that we do the same - we run the program standalone and not from the C-drive. And our updates are not stored on the C-drive. Don´t know if that helps - but anyway.
  11. A preset name? Is this what you mean? Picture included.
  12. No TeamViewer. But since it works with so many others the fault must be on my side. Looking forward to try out v2 as it develops. :thumbsup:
  13. Hello, Yes I closed and reopend. Just tested ver 13 and 14. Ver 13 works superfine as before. Ver 14 has same problems as ver 15. BUT the problems may be mine... I could be doing something wrong. I will try to be more specifik. About "nothing happens". When I come to the part after I press "Start" for the work to begin - it takes 1 sec and I get this (picture). I look at debug. Tried - no difference.
  14. Morning, This is a strange version... I cant get it to integrate anything - with or without the new "database". The integration part that used to take about 30 min takes 2 sec and the final i "small". The graphic part of WTK seems to have changed and that has some negative effects (aleast for me). Picture attached, dark lines around the small icons. Is the prog still aiming on integrating the updates or am I just creating a list of the updates I want the final, installed windows to download and integrate? Just a crazy idea I got now...
  15. Hi - downloaded your latest version Date: 2014/10/15. Used it in an installation and strangely enough I got the following updates when checking the new install. W764 in a virtualbox. All 5 updates are .NET and October. Please give me an advice. Added screenshot + wtk-inifile. 2014-10-22_18-28-PM.ini
  16. Hello and thanx for a great addon! Since I´m interested I ask. Is there a public "recipe" for creating this addon?
  17. sweden8

    Windows 10

    Sounds great! Just tried it myself - never liked 8 so I hope 10 is better.
  18. sweden8

    Windows 10

    Sorry if in wrong place. Can I use WTK 1.5... for Win10? Thanx in advance
  19. Good morning, How do I make best use of the "Cleanup Manager" when mostly working with the "All-In-One Integrator" and the "Wim Manager"?
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