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  1. Thanks too bad i will may have to do it manually by myself when i have time later :confused02: (lazy - thinking...)
  2. Very useful info :thumbsup_anim: thanx alot
  3. Happy birthday DennyMK :beerchug: , may God bless you mate i wish you the best of luck
  4. Uups i missed this post till today awesome work man :thumbsup_anim:
  5. Thanks yeah i hope so, just wonder why did'nt they create the English version first I think it would get more people's attention and publicities + users everywhere by releasing the English one first Honestly even i've heard of the project only here on Wincert, till now
  6. Thanks alot! :thumbsup_anim: Btw is it already English version?
  7. :thumbsup_anim: Thanks for the info N1K, i also think about switching to 64 bit system bcoz i'd like to upgrade my RAM. Yeah btw 64 bit machines were very rare in my country but since RAMs become very cheap nowadays (+ 64 bit processors of course) there are many people who prefer to upgrade their systems from 32 to 64 bit for more than 3,5/4Gb ram
  8. Lol i'm ashamed my desktop is too ugly please let me make up it first maybe next time or...asap
  9. Wow awesome job thanks alot for this dareckibmw :thumbsup_anim: downloaded btw i wish there would be the same one for Vista later ("port"?), but nevermind still be grateful again thanks
  10. Yeah this is really a fu**ing awesome tweak!
  11. Vista does, however, it has some resources in some .mui files (in "en-us" folder) i.e some strings, icons, bmp etc with exactly the same names (but with .mui extension). Unlike Xp, one of the main purposes is people can always edit the resource easily or language without tampering the main file (e.g dll/exe) or its digital signature
  12. Wow more than 30 million views in 8 days! Unbelievable!
  13. Seems it's been removed by the original author or maybe you can directly PM him (Legolash2o) for the request?
  14. Welcome 2 Wincert :thumbsup_anim:
  15. Great work as always :thumbsup_anim:
  16. Lolz bumped again, btw sorry i forgot to say thanks here Rick! :thumbsup_anim:
  17. Lol nice bump! And really pretty nice tweak thanks! :thumbsup_anim:
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