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  1. I get it So I must search "converted" serial NO in register and place it in regedit Well That clears a loot of things... ThX Addon will be added in the morning!
  2. I'm trying to make this addon but in the way It could register the app. But adding registration info over settings.inf does not work? app is instaled,info is digged in registry but when I run application it still requires manual serial/name entering. And here is the entries.ini Any ideas how could I implement registration info to this addon? Thanks! :welcome:
  3. Stress Prime 2004 Orthos v0.41.110.18 Download: MD5: 10E1CA098BCF463A510C611E026FA375 Size: 443KB
  4. Rick wold it be possible to dig it directly into prog files and just place shortcuts? What about cookies?
  5. Updated first post! Thank U Rick for this hint,it cut addon size by double From 22.4MB to 11.5MB, now that is NICE!!! :clap: I'm glad I can share this with others. Yep...and ONLY on Wincert :thumb_yello: I hope you guys find it useful
  6. MrNxDmX just wonted to thank you for this and many other addons that you make. I'm glad you finaly decided to copy your projects to wincert, as me and many others are not registered on RyanVM forum,but monitor it very often. Regarding this addon (IE7) I'm using alternative addon v1.0.5.b and I must whoohoo :lol: Keep on with your good work. :notworthy:
  7. Would it be hard to make this multilanguage program addon, so It's possible to add your name and serial in addon it self and have registered version? Thx
  8. I used this method from mr_smartepants Created addon and it works fine,or you can do as Rick told you. and here is the procedure : Ryan's DOTNET AIO beta2
  9. Nightwolf81 and you ricktendo64 ,great work guys
  10. I just tried this addon,but I installed it manualy (extract,right click on .ini file). Installed fine, did as ricktendo64 mentioned by double clicking on gadget. After that you just need to add that new gadget you just install on your sidebar,and you are ready to rock Great work ricktendo64! :thumbsup_anim:
  11. Rick is it possible to improve sidebar engine for this addon so you dont' have to turn on program every time you run gadget? Is it possible configure it somehow so it would use everest engine and read values directly on gadget? Other than that gadget works perfect including addon
  12. Is there significant difference between v5.6 and v5.6.1 ? Minor tweaks? Did you consider about my suggestion about Prime95 or even Stress Prime 2004? Thx for updates
  13. You can use any archiver that compress files to .cab, I personally use Power Archiver
  14. This tool is great It is also possible to add this updates including SP2 updates. I'm still wondering is it possible to add language interface along with profiling tools in same CD, so I don't have to install profiling tools as separate part.
  15. Hmm..that is little bit tuff to do...cause I used RogueSpearAddonsDotNET30 addon and I cant' see that addon on rogue runtime list page? And net.3 is requred. Do you think that changing the install order in Nlite could do the trick?
  16. Hey rick.. is there any temperture monitoring gadget for this styler so you cold monitor CPU, GPU ,etc temps? And onem ore Q about Windows Sidebar Styler...is there any folder root about it? I added all those things mentioned on first page including .net 3.0 but I cant' find Styler options? Am I missing something? Added (Ricks_VAIOXP-b2r3.4_AddOn_v1.1, Ricks_VistaRTMFonts_AddOn_v1.1, Ricks_VistaRTMSidebar_AddOn_v2.4, Ricks_WindowsSidebarStyler2.0.5_AddOn)
  17. ****! Another great skin, now I cant' decide which one to chose? :thumbsup:
  18. Thank U Makave2345. But could you please host files on some other site like http://www.sendspace.com/ or something like that, rather than megaupload?
  19. Nice work Rick. Is it possible to integrate this addon with MrNxDmX posted here at the same time. EDIT: I investigate this by integrating them both at the same time, and they run fine
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