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Microsoft Office 2010 Professional SP 1 w/Updates


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First I want to start by saying everyone on this forum is amazing and I love how everyone helps each other and what you guys do.

First question is, Does the disc already inldue both x64 and x86 or is it two seperate discs?

What I am trying to do is create a Microsoft Office 2010 Professional SP 1 w/Updates. Basically a disc that I can install x64 or x86 (1 for both or 1 each) that will already include all the office updates.

So basically I was wondering where I could get the office 2010 updates, and how to slipsteam them onto the disc(s).

Thank you so much!

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I completed just yesterday this work, an Office 2010 Prof AIO with all updates after SP1, for both German (systemlanguage) and Italian, for both x86 and x64.

To get al the updates I installed first a fresh Office 2010 Prof, then I started Windows-Update (only search for updates!) and I downloaded each update from Microsoft; I extracted the MSP-files with the MSP-extractor Tool from WinToolkit.

I did not download the McRip-updates, because I don't know if they are multi- or single-language.

The extracted MSPs must be copied in the update-folder on installation DVD/USB.

I did NOT copy some files for some languages.

I got the Office-Install-exe for both x86 and x64 for each language I need: from Microsoft-test-versions (free of charge; sorry, I don't have the link in englisch) or from here.

For the next step I found in internet a tool to get all this together, but I don't know, if this tool is legal or not: it disappeared from a to many servers; if you want, I can send you the links per PM.

With the end-DVD I installed again a fresh Office with both languages and then I started windows-update again: only 1 update found!

After Setup-Start you can check/uncheck all the needed languages, only the system-language (in my case german) can not be unchecked.

As default x86 will be installed; if you want install a x64-Version you have to go manually in the x64-folder.

Regards, Thiersee

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