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[Slim] .NET Framework 4.6.1 Full x86/x64 (2-27-2016)


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Both installers are the same, this one has been edited to remove setup junk (that IMO does nothing but take up space on your HDD) and it uses 7zip SFX wizard to launch and install the framework

The other installer nothing has been removed, only thing I do is update the files, patch setupengine.dll so the original setup.exe install wizard can be used without it giving your an error because the updated MSI/MZZ files are not digitally signed by Microsoft

Go to "%WinDir%\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.0.30319\SetupCache" and you will see the setup files that are(n't) included

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Hi ricktendo64, sorry for asking a stupid question but I've 11-16-2012 installed and now you updated the installer. Do I need to uninstall 11-16-2012 version first before installing the current version (12-12-2012) OR is it safe to install this over the older version OR do I just use windows update?

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You can either uninstall 11-16-2012 and reinstall using the (12-12-2012) updated version, or you can use my changelog to see what hotfixes I "added" (dont worry about ther removed ones) and download and apply it/those to your current 11-16-2012 install

You will not find the hotfix I added today on Windows Update, you can use this url and just change the kb# on the end (or you can visit McRip's .net45 repository)


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Dear ricktendo64

I noticed very strange thing !!

with the slim version the size of the installed component is arount 550 mb as per reported by windows uninstall window !!!

the rebuild version takes only around 34 mb even the installation time is always the same for both !!!

I installed everyone of them atwice and everytime same result !!!

what could be the reason ???

OS : windows 7 ultimate rebuilted by wintoolkit and rt7lite and rt7booster


sorry for my bad english


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Yea, the uninstall you see for the slim are the "<installer>.MSI" uninstall entries...for the rebuilt you see what "setup.exe" (GUI installer/uninstaller wizarard removed from slim version) adds

The rebuilt installer also has the "<installer>.MSI" uninstall entries, but these are hidden. You can view them if you delete SystemComponent REG_DWORD 1 from here in the registry

; x86HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\{9F612429-4A00-3D44-88CF-146DA2EE1F92}; x64HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\{1AD147D0-BE0E-3D6C-AC11-64F6DC4163F1}
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Since the rebuild is the default installer updated, you could replace the EXE in Reapers addon with that one (not this one)


If you want to replace Reapers addon with this one, change the switch from watever it is to /y


Edit: just looked at the link you gave, thats no addon thats a silent installer


Just add the EXE to wintoolkit and tell it the silent switch is /y

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How create in msi for inf file?

I try wise installer editor export msi files for registry and create reg to inf. OK

Dotnet 4.5 files and path how create inf file? (example: nlite addon or onpiece dotnet 4...)

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