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[Slim] .NET Framework 4.6.1 Full x86/x64 (2-27-2016)


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This has got my attention! Luckily I grabbed the latest version before all this kerfaffle started.


I did start getting, as I entered the ad.fly page, a pop up




but normally clicking on Stay on Page would keep the 5 sec countdown going. I started to read this thread so thought I'd try to re download and see what the fuss was about and I got the above prompt once. But for a change and thereafter I've got/am getting/will most likely keep getting:


Sorry, but the requested page was not found!   Looks like originally I was just in time. This was with clearing all cookies, history etc. between each attempt. Which to be honest, if anything further, is like asking Adobe why Photoshop won't install, the response being "try re-installing your system and all the other stuff you depend on, on a daily basis, let us know when you find an answer" (that's Adobes attitude BTW, not yours).


This is on latest PaleMoon 32bit (a FF derivative). Latest portable PaleMoon 64bit. I.E 9 32 and 64bit. Portable FF 21 32bit. All run as normal and in "Safe Mode" wherever possible and not prepared to install/run any other t'interweb whores/browsers..


Elmers having a sad day!!  :crying_anim02: There's only so much effort you throw in, before the towel, to support someone's efforts on a limited (0) budget before you think, "sod it. I'll find another source".


Seems I'll now need to learn how to build me own slim stuff! Aah well, all good things come to an end. It was good while it lasted.


Edited. Ferkin speeling mistookes.

Edited by ElmerBeFuddled
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Today I turned off Ad Muncher which I've been using for two/three months and got a download no problem!


Must be something in Ad Munchers db now that doesn't agree with AdFly.


So I can crawl back into me hole with a happy smile on me face! :dancing: :dancing: :dancing:

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[Please note that Rick has placed his uploads on a private ftp space for speed and reliability of the download since mediafire and other public upload services were either unreliable, required inconvenient captcha's etc, or were constantly deleting his very popular uploads.]


There have been two main problems that folks have had with some of Rick's download links lately.  One is that some disrespectful "people"(?) have been hotlinking to the direct download links, bypassing adf.ly and effectively stealing bandwidth from Rick, so Rick had to put measures in place to try and block that. Secondly, I think a lot of the download problems have been caused by recent changes at adf.ly.  I respect Rick's decision to use adf.ly for the fractions of a cent income he receives as a result, (which is more income than he receives from donations, unfortunately, hence his need to use them).  It seems that adf.ly has recently been on a mission to prevent people that use their site from using ad blockers and ad skippers.  I can understand and respect that as well, but that doesn't mean that I want to be bothered by their ads. :)  The various ad blockers and ad skippers are all scrambling to come up with ways to get around adf.ly's efforts, with varying success, just as adf.ly is scrambling to prevent them from succeeding.  Anyway, worst case for now it seems that you might need to temporarily disable your ad blocking and/or ad skipping extensions when downloading from adf.ly, then re-enable them afterwards, which isn't that big an inconvenience. You might also be able to get away with just having to click an extra continue button at adf.ly.  It will all depend on exactly which browser and ad blocker and/or ad skipper you are using.  Your mileage may vary.


Cheers and Regards

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@ bphlpt I totally agree with what you say re Rick. My intention in my first of the last two posts was not to snipe.


Sadly it reads that way. I blame the sherbets (beers) I'd tucked under my belt that night/day. I'll leave as is for now but if anyone wants it edited by myself and/or anyone wants to delete it, feel free.


I also agree that I don't want to see the ads, but 5 seconds out of a month (?) is hardly a waste of my life, it was the inability to get the download (I now know how) that was bugging me, nothing to do with Rick.


Offence, or abruptness was not my intention. Jeez! I love his work! If I was in a better financial situation I'd bung, even if it was only 5 sobs, his way for his effort.


One day my finances will turn a (hopefully good) corner and I'll then be in that situation.

Edited by ElmerBeFuddled
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@Elmer, Don't worry, I didn't take any offense, and I don't think Rick did either. :)


Seriously, adf.ly has been annoying lately.  With my current browser, a Chrome variant, the two general purpose ad related extensions I use are AdBlock v2.6.2 and Ads Skipper v3.2.5.  Currently for adf.ly I have to temporarily disable Ads Skipper, (a single extra click since I keep my extensions open in a separate tab and I don't have to restart or log out or anything), click the adf.ly link, wait the 5 seconds, click an extra "continue" at adf.ly due to AdBlock, OK my download location since I have it set to always ask me where to download, then re-enable Ads Skipper.  So for adf.ly links I now have to do 3 extra clicks and wait 5 extra seconds than I had to two weeks ago with the exact same setup, but I still don't have to see the distracting ads and they don't take up my bandwidth so I'm satisfied.  I really like Ads Skipper and they have been very active in continuously trying to improve it.  There have been 13 new uploads of it this month alone, as can be seen here, as they fine tune it.


Cheers and Regards

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already did re down unless you are saying you fixed and want me to try again?

heres further info I meant to add

netfx_Full_x64.msi is in image above
netfx_Full_LDR_x64.msi is what is in Temp dir and the LDR_x86

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first its speed is not going above 25kbps,, my speed is 480kbps, and after 30-35% downloading it stops and doesnt resume (with idm), tried with firefox default browser.., after downloading 7mb, firefox shoes download complete,, and when i run it, this error message appears "non 7z archive" ... but its obvious that if its downloaded only 7mb, not fully,, then it must have errors...!!

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thanks for update sir, currently i have installed this one.

btw, i use this Slim Installer since february 2013 until now.
i only use .NET framework 4.5 for install 3DMark 2011 & 2013, nothing more, because the requirement for install 3DMark 2011 must install .NET Framework 4, and then i install .NET framework 4.5, and from February i install Slim .NET Framework this version.  i think this is a very great installer!


thank u so much Mr. Rick... :beerchug:

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